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Welcome to Kenya

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Welcome to Kenya - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Kenya. Cristy Castellanos Mrs. Bowen. History of Kenya. First people to come to Kenya; People that were from Ethiopia They came for fertile land; good land. The next people to come were the Yaaku

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Welcome to Kenya

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    1. Welcome to Kenya Cristy Castellanos Mrs. Bowen

    2. History of Kenya • First people to come to Kenya; People that were from Ethiopia • They came for fertile land; good land. • The next people to come were the Yaaku • There were a lot of different groups that came and went. But there were four groups that took up the majority of the population. • Hamitic • Nilotic • Nilo-Hamitic • Bantu • People Along the Coast • Arabs and Persians traded a lot along the Kenyans coast. • They came together and formed a new language Swahili

    3. Location of Kenya • Located on the eastern side of Africa

    4. Family of Kenya

    5. Ethnicity s of Kenya

    6. Religion in Kenya Christian-Protestant 45%Roman Catholic 33%Islam 10%Indigenous Religions 10%Other 2%

    7. Art&Music&Oral in Kenya

    8. How people of Kenya live • In rural areas the houses are made of mud and wooden poles, etc. • People who live in the city usually live in apartments or houses.

    9. Kenya & Jobs

    10. Geography and Climate of Kenya • Kenya Is known as the 47th largest country. • The land • Fertile plateau in the east • Low plains in central • The highlands have the highest point in Kenya • Mount Kenya is the second highest in Africa • Kenya has a tropical climate • February and March are the hottest times • The coldest times would be July and August. • From April to June it rains a lot

    11. Kenya and its government • The government type is semi-presidential republic. • This is where the president is both head of state and head of government. • President of Kenya is Mwai Kibaki • 77 years old

    12. Holidays and Festivals Jamhuri Day ; A celebration of independence since 1963. Kenyatta Day; honor of all the heroes who died fighting for independence Madaraka Day; the anniversary of self-government.

    13. Kenya and its Healthcare • Health care in Kenya has a lot of problems due to the outbreak of AIDS/HIVS. • In 5 districts there are 1,700 people living with HIVS. • What have they been doing to help? • They have volunteer people come • They are trying to educate their nurses and doctors

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