Chapter 17 between the wars in europe
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Chapter 17 – Between the Wars in Europe. 17-1 Uneasiness In Europe. 19 th Century dreams of Nationalism New boundaries for Europe Border disputes and controversy Mainly Germany. The League of Nations. Why couldn’t the League keep peace like it was designed to do?????

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17 1 uneasiness in europe
17-1 Uneasiness In Europe

  • 19th Century dreams of Nationalism

    • New boundaries for Europe

  • Border disputes and controversy

    • Mainly Germany. . . .

The league of nations
The League of Nations

  • Why couldn’t the League keep peace like it was designed to do?????

    • The United States never joins the League of Nations

      • President Wilson wants to, but the Senate refuses. (would not approve the Treaty of Versailles)

    • Other members can never make agreements.


  • Wants to enforce the Treaty of Versailles

    • Germany should pay war reparations

    • Germany makes on year’s payment (1921), but cannot afford any more

  • Sends troops to the Ruhr Valley

    • They will collect the money by running the mines and factories there


  • Try to resist the French

    • Passive Resistance

      • Strikes

      • Government prints more money to pay workers

      • This causes Inflation

        • More printed money means higher prices…. The actual value of the money decreases!!!

      • In 1923, 4.2 trillion marks = 1 dollar

The dawes plan
The Dawes Plan

  • Named after an American Banker

    • August of 1924

      • Allies would leave Ruhr Area

      • Germany’s payments would start lower and increase as they could pay more

      • New German banks and loans from outside countries

    • Brief prosperity….. Does not last long.

Treaty of locarno
Treaty of Locarno

  • Signed by Germany and France

    • It guaranteed their borders with France and Belgium

      • Headlines read “France and Germany Ban War Forever”

      • This positive outlook continues when Germany joins the League of Nations

Kellogg briand pact
Kellogg-Briand Pact

  • Created by the United States and France

    • 63 Nations agreed not to go to war again.

      • Empty Promises

      • Nobody reduced their weapons

    • Remember!!! – Germany was forced to reduce its weapons, others were not.

The great depression
The Great Depression

Chapter 17 between the wars in europe

  • Depression:

    • A period of low economic activity and increased unemployment

    • Takes place throughout the United States and Europe in the late 1920’s and 1930’s.

Two causes of the depression
Two causes of the Depression

  • Economic problems in various countries

    • Each country faced its own problems

      • One example is overproduction / falling prices

    • U.S. Stock Market Crash

      • Prosperity in Europe was built upon Loans from U.S. to Germany, and Germany’s use of those loans to pay France

Responses to the depression
Responses to the Depression

  • Recession Vs. Depression

  • Move from Laissez Faire to increased government involvement

  • Marxist Predictions “Capitalism will destroy itself”

  • People begin to follow Dictating rulers who offer simple solutions in return for control.

Democracy after the war
Democracy After the War

  • Wilson Says WWI was to “Make Europe safe for Democracy”

  • How do Countries try to implement this?


  • Becomes Democratic after WWI and calls its government the Weimar Republic

    • Had no strong political leaders, many of those elected did not support the Republic

    • Inflation and economic problems blamed on the Republic…. People wanted alternate political groups

    • Depression makes more extreme groups seem more reasonable


  • Had become the strongest power in Europe

    • The Depression still caused political conflict

  • Create the Popular Front

    • Create French New Deal

      • Collective bargaining, 40 hr workweek, 2 week paid vacation, and minimum wage

    • Policies help but do not actually solve any problems…. No confidence in the system

Great britain
Great Britain

  • Also faces struggles because of the Depression

    • Labour Party falls from power because they could not deal with the problems.

    • Conservatives take over and help to resolve issues.

    • John Maynard Keynes – Depressions should be left to resolve themselves

      • Said government should use deficit spending to create jobs

United states
United States

  • Hit harder by Depression than most nations

  • President is Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  • New Deal: His plan to create jobs through government spending and increase employment.