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Welcome. Imperial College Union. Not-for-profit charity. Every student a member Over 16,000 members from over 155 countries! Led by Sabbatical Officers- a team of students who take a year out of their studies. David President. Yas Deputy President (Clubs & Societies). Nat

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imperial college union
Imperial College Union
  • Not-for-profit charity.
  • Every student a member
  • Over 16,000 members from over 155 countries!
  • Led by Sabbatical Officers- a team of students who take a year out of their studies.




Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)


Deputy President (Education)


Deputy President (Welfare)


Deputy President (Finance & Services)

your sabbaticals
Your Sabbaticals
  • Elected by you in March/April.
  • Highest Students’ Union Election turnout in England and Wales.
  • Blogs: imperialcollegeunion.org/blogs
  • Sabb Hot Desk- JCR every Friday
amplifying the student voice
Amplifying the Student Voice
  • We are working hard to ensure your voice is heard at all levels of College.
  • Almost 500 Academic Reps working with the Union and your department to make your education the best it can be.
  • Chance to elect your Academic Rep is coming up in the next few weeks.
your reps council elections
Your Reps & Council Elections
  • Vote for your Academic Reps and members of council.
  • You can stand for a position.

Nominations close 13 October.

Vote online 18 – 22 October

  • Last year 3,030 students voted in this election. Can you beat last year’s total?


international officer
International Officer
  • An important Position!- 64% of new students this year not from the UK
  • Member of the Union Council
  • Represent the views of International students
  • More information online.
liberation officers
Liberation Officers
  • For every type of student we have at Imperial there are specific challenges, wants and needs.
  • Liberations Officers are here to represent the views of the minority group they have been elected by.
liberation officers1
Liberation Officers
  • Black & Minority Ethnic
  • Interfaith
  • International Students
  • LGBT Students
  • Students with Disabilities

We also have Liberation Officers:

  • Run campaigns – Campaigns Officer
  • Consider the Union’s and College’s ethical and environmental impact – Ethics & The Environment Officer
social space
Social Space
  • Take part in activities, meet new people and spend time with friends.

Our main bar and café.

  • Food and drink every day of the week.
  • Quiz nights on Tuesday.
  • Open late on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Best burger on campus!

Imperial’s biggest nightclub.

  • In the Union Building.
  • Home to the best student nights out.
  • Also home to Club, Society & Project events such as Imperial Idol and Jazz Big Band.

Our traditional bar established 1952.

  • Great real ales.
  • Home of the Union’s famous tankard collection.
  • You can book a table for you and your friends.
also in the union building
Also in the Union Building
  • Four bookable, brand-new meeting rooms
  • Two activity spaces for rehearsals, dancing etc.
  • Union Gymnasium
  • Concert Hall and Cinema
  • Union Dining Hall
  • Media Centre home to our TV Station, Radio Station, Science Fiction Library and more.
  • PLUS – The new Reynolds – Bar and Café at the Charing Cross Hospital campus.
shop newsagent

Union Shop & Newsagent.

  • Found on the Sherfield Walkway.
  • Branded Imperial clothing.
  • Stationery.
  • Snacks and drinks.
  • New Newsagent coming soon!
Shop & Newsagent
clubs societies projects
Clubs, Societies & Projects
  • Over 310 to choose from!
  • The biggest range for any Students’ Union in the UK.
  • Many international clubs, celebrating the best of cultures from around the world.
easy to find and join online
Easy to find and join online
  • A-to-Z on our website lists them all.
  • Filter by type and letter to help you find them easily.
  • See them all at Freshers’ Fair on Tuesday.
imperial plus
Imperial Plus
  • New volunteer accreditation scheme.
  • Recognises the work you do as student volunteer in
    • Running a Club, Society or Project
    • Volunteering in the local community
    • Becoming an Academic Representative
    • And more.
  • Highlights your skills to potential employers!
upcoming events
Upcoming Events
  • Undergraduate Mingles – the official welcome to Imperial party.
  • Freshers’ Ball on Friday. Tickets online.
  • Postgraduate Mingle on second Saturday.

Biggest event of Welcome Week.

  • Over 350 stalls across campus.
  • ALL the Clubs, Societies & Projects.
  • Lots of freebies!
  • Tuesday 1 October 11:00 – 16:00.
  • After-party 17:00 in metric
imperial college union org1
  • Everything you need to know about Imperial College Union.
  • Event listings.
  • Find and join our Clubs, Societies & Projects quickly and easily.
  • Helpful information and advice for International students.
that s all from me
That’s all from me!
  • I’ll now pass you on to Nigel- The Student Advisor
the advice centre
The Advice Centre
  • Academic issues.
  • Accommodation.
  • Money Advice.
  • Employment rights.
  • Consumer Rights.
  • International Student Issues.
  • Legal advice.
council tax
Council Tax
  • What is it?
  • Local Taxation
  • Administered by Local Councils
  • Rate of tax based on type and valuation of property
do i have to pay
Do I have to pay?

Properties that will be billed

  • If you live in a property with non students
  • 25% discount for property
  • Dependents of International Students
  • No recourse to public funds
to become exempt
To become exempt
  • Get exemption letter from College registry
  • Must be stamped
  • To prove you fullfill full time student status and studying 21 hours a week and one academic year
  • Any Questions?
tv licensing
TV Licensing

Do I need a licence?

  • If you are using any type of television receiving equipment
  • Computers and laptops- as being shown
  • Mobile phones,digibox to record or watch T.V Programmes
tv licensing1
TV Licensing

How do I get one?

  • Costs £145.50 for a colour T.V., Paid yearly and are available online at www.tvlicensing.co.uk
  • Or you can get a form from local post office
tv licensing2
TV Licensing
  • You can apply for a part refund of 3 months if not here all year
  • Different ways to pay Direct debit monthly installments, pay online
tv licensing3
TV Licensing

What happens if I don’t get one?

  • Detection vans
  • Database of addresses with no T.V. License
  • Handheld detection devices
  • Enforcement officers
  • The enforcement officers can knock on your door and interview you
  • You are not obliged to let them in
  • Court Appearance and £1000 fine
funding for international students
Funding for International Students
  • Not entitled to Government funding
  • Sponsorship
  • Support from home country
what funding is available
What funding is available?
  • Scholarships
  • British Council www.britishcouncil.gov.uk
  • Trusts and charities online
  • One student secured £1000 donation last year!
who can help
Who can help?
  • The Advice Centre
  • Your Department
  • College Hardship Fund
  • Medical Hardship Fund
  • Seek advice
  • The Advice Centre Tel: 020 7594 8067
  • email: advice@imperial.ac.uk
  • imperialcollegeunion.org/advice