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Top Effective Ways to Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post? PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Effective Ways to Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post?

Top Effective Ways to Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post?

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Top Effective Ways to Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post?

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  1. Top Effective Ways to Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post? You always think that Search engines are the main source of generating traffic to your website and this is the reason for why you should be careful of search engine optimization. You are absolutely right but in case of writing a blog post you should not forget about the visitors. Writing a blog post, like all other writing, is a skill. The skill to stay your reader interested, in your blog post. If visitors understand and like your text, they are much more willing to share, like, tweet and link to your post. This can increase your rankings. So, as to enhance your ranking in Google, you should try to write for search engine by considering audience in your mind that will definitely maximize your writing skills! Writing an SEO friendly blog is really an important part of SEO service that directly works for ranking factors.

  2. In this post, I would like to share some useful tips to write an blog posts that are both very readable as well as SEO-friendly. 1.Think before you write! You should think about. “What is the purpose of your text?” “What do you want to tell readers through your blog post?” “What your need to ask at the end of blog post?” First write the answers of these questions before start writing a blog post. 2.Be Careful about Keyword Density If you’re targeting your blog post for a keyword, then it is very important thing to use the keywords in your post properly. Neither use so much nor a very few. You should consider using 1 to 2% of keyword density that would be more preferable for SEO friendly blog post. 3.Put the keywords to work It's not enough to merely use the keywords in 2-3% in text of your blog post. First you need to place keyword within the title of the blog, moreover as within the 1st and last sentence. By doing this, your keywords may easily crawl out to the search engine crawlers, as well as readers can easily go through your keywords.

  3. 4.Write Useful, Quality and Engaging Content Another important thing you should consider while writing a blog post. Just write original and engaging content for your visitors and if your visitors will like your writing, search engines will automatically do. 5.Use Paragraphs and Headings that Make Sense Many people change the paragraph causelessly anywhere in the whole blog post. It’s wrong. You should ask yourself that what the main idea of each paragraph is. Its means that whenever you change the paragraph there should be a reason for that. Use of heading wisely in the content, love to read by both search engine and visitor, so that it can be understood easily. 6.Don’t forget to Link to Your Previous Articles Internal linking is one of the most important factors to be considered for writing the SEO friendly blog. It helps in reducing the bounce rate, better navigability of your site and other important SEO factors. When people will spend more time on your site, automatically your Google rankings will improve. 7.Optimize Every Image Uploaded in the Post Optimize your images for better search engine ranking by adding title tag, alt tag and description tag.

  4. 8.Keyword in the URL may Help Sometimes I would like to use keyword in url and recommend you too. Try to insert keywords in your URL to improve the search visibility of the blog post for that keyword. Let me know in the comment section, that these tools really helps to you share your experience with us, till that happy blogging, keep writing SEO friendly blog posts. iMediaDesigns | Toronto SEO Company is a full-service digital agency that helps brand create unique identity through striking website design, web development and successful marketing campaigns.