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Introduction To The

Introduction To The

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Introduction To The

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  1. Introduction To The Teamadventures • Team Adventures, a division of Great Indian Outdoors (P) Ltd. is a one-stop-shop team building specialist for conducting any experiential learning program anywhere in the country. • Our Team events are rooted in the experiential platform with a focus on high engagement and energizing the team while staying true to the objective of the program. • Team Adventures has over 9 years of experience, clocked more than 5000 days of experiential programming and is today one of the premier Learning Organizations in the space of team building & leadership in India • Based on the multiple intelligence theory of human learning that clearly states that different people engage differently based on ability & interest, Team Adventures has developed comprehensive and diverse experiential platforms that seek to be inclusive in its efforts apart from being novel and innovative.

  2. TEAM ADVENTURES FACILITATORS • Outbound Learning: This facilitation model uses the experience • that any outbound / experiential program provides to explore group processes and gets the team to look at outcomes that have direct co-relation to behaviour of the team and its members. The objective of this model is an attunement for the participants into what are the behaviours that are hindering the team and what are the desired behaviours that will take them forward. • • Team Coaching: This simple model looks at how teams can look at changing their behaviour over time to be more productive and improve their performance. The model works on the format of feed forward as opposed to the concept of feedback and works at each team member identifying simple areas of improvement that would make them better team players. • • Challenge by Choice: This model of facilitation works on the simple premise that individuals are responsible for their actions and unless they take ownership and look within as opposed to finding fault with others, it is unlikely that things can really change. This model looks at individuals in any group and how individual decisions tend to influence a group and the way it functions.


  4. Contact Us Thank You Delhi NCR FarazMasoodB-35, Eden Villas,SushankLok III, Sector 57Gurgaon 122002Mobile : +9958791289Tel: +91 1244081500/400/300Fax: +91 1244082499, Dehradun NalinKhanduri16–A,Kalidas Road Dehradun–248001Tel No : 0135 2742831+91 9411110855 • Find more information visit site :- • • •