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Introduction to the Novel PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to the Novel

Introduction to the Novel

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Introduction to the Novel

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  1. Sabrina BettiesTitle: Wild AwakeAuthor: Hilary T. SmithPublisher: Harper Collins Publishers (Katherine Tegen Books) Year of Publication: 2013

  2. Introduction to the Novel • The setting is mostly on Columbia Street downtown. • Kiri has a crush on someone close to her, but things start to change. • Kiri gets a called from a man named Doug that has Sukey’s belonging on Columbia Street. Kiri’s sister Sukey have been dead for five years. • Kiri’s mom and dad are gone on a long vacation cruise.

  3. Identification of Protagonist and Antagonist • Protagonist- Kiri is seventeen and a very confused teenager. She does drugs which is bad for her health. She does dress to impress a boy that she had a crush on. • Antagonist- Lukas is tall and skinny. He is a member of the same band with Kiri. He is very skeptical. He has a mercurial mood.

  4. Identification of Central Conflict • Kiri doesn’t know who killed her sister, but somebody does know the secret killing of Kiri’s sister. Kiri wants answer. Her parents never told her the truth and they will not reveal details of how the crime was committed or who did the crime. Kiri went on a trip to investigate about her sister Sukey’s death. A man name Doug would bring Kiri to tears. What does she finds out that brings her to tears? The conflict involves Doug, Kiri, and Denny.

  5. Minor Characters • Denny is Kiri’s brother. He tells Kiri something about her boyfriend and Sukey that she doesn’t know. He told their parents to come home early from vacation because Kiri went crazy. • Skunk becomes Kirk’s boyfriend. He has a serious mental condition. He once played in a band until a serious accident happened on stage in front of a crowd. • Doug tells Kiri information about her dead sister Sukey. Doug is cripple, but he walks with crutches. He died of a disease called HIV.

  6. What does Critics say? • One critic says the book gives off expression of family secrets, music, art, but most of all the mystery of love. • • Another critic says the book is reckless and fearless. The book is filled with loss, love, and being wild. It tells us how to be alive. •

  7. My perspective on the Novel • The novel is very mysterious because a lot is happening at one time. It is mournful because there are some loss and some gain as in love and death of friends and family. It represents how crazy the world can be, but sometimes it’s alright to take adventures. The theme is that it is ok to be imperfect because not everyone is perfect.