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American Public Policy

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American Public Policy. Politics and Markets Political Science 316 Mark Stephan. Last Class and Today’s Class. Policy Analysis and Health Policy Medicare and Medicaid Stone’s framework Reasoning Politics and Markets. Medicare and Medicaid. What’s the difference?

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american public policy

American Public Policy

Politics and Markets

Political Science 316

Mark Stephan

last class and today s class
Last Class and Today’s Class
  • Policy Analysis and Health Policy
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Stone’s framework
  • Reasoning
  • Politics and Markets
medicare and medicaid
Medicare and Medicaid
  • What’s the difference?
  • Why support these programs?
  • What does Medicare cover? What isn’t covered?
  • Problems with Medicare?
  • Problems with Medicaid?
  • Taking care of the uninsured….
news flash
News Flash!!!
  • Should government “means-test” medical aid after a disaster? Why or why not?
  • Who should decide when people can return to New Orleans?
  • North Korea and five others make a deal….
stone s framework
Stone’s framework
  • Sophisticated versus flat-footed
  • Stone’s paradoxes
  • The Rationality Project?
model of reasoning
Model of Reasoning
  • Rationality project – idea of analyzing society and politics like we would biology or physics (breaking it down, logical parts)
  • Separating politics from policy and administration
  • Rational decision-making (page 8)
  • Political reasoning – metaphors, analogies
political society policy process
Political Society, Policy Process
  • The dominant model – the “market”
  • An alternative model – the “political community”
  • The dominant model – a production model
  • An alternative model – struggling over ideas
preview of next class
Preview of Next Class
  • The pace is picking up
  • Stay up with the readings
  • Paper now due two weeks from today!
  • Talking about Equity next – a goal for public policy
market as a model
“Market” as a model
  • “A market can be simply defined as a social system in which individuals pursue their own welfare by exchanging things with others whenever trades are mutually beneficial.” (Stone, page17)