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Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Lord of the Flies Chapter 1

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1

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Lord of the Flies Chapter 1

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    1. Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 William Golding

    3. 2. What summons the boys to the beach? Ralph blows the conch shell and the boys respond as they did to the megaphone at the airport.

    4. 3. Who tries to assume the authority? What happens? Jack Merridew, a tall, thin, red-haired boy, tries to assume leadership, but when a vote is taken, Ralph is elected chief.

    5. 4. What effort of conciliation does Ralph make toward Jack? What does Jack decide his boys will be? Ralph suggests that Jack remain in charge of his choir boys. Jack decides his boys will be hunters.

    6. 5. What conclusion do Ralph, Jack and Simon reach after their investigation? Ralph, Jack and Simon determine that they are on an uninhabited island.

    7. 6. What defense does Jack offer for not killing the piglet? What does he promise? What was the real reason he didnt kill the piglet? Jack says he was waiting to decide where to stab the piglet and promises he will do it next time. All three boys know he couldnt stab the piglet because of the knife cutting into flesh and the unbearable blood.

    8. 7. The boys discover there are no adults on the island and attempt to model civilization as they know it by electing a chief. How effective do you think this effort will be without adult supervision? While the boys have elected a chief, Jacks dissatisfaction suggests there may be friction.

    9. 8. Consider the cause of the conflict between Ralph and Jack. What does Ralphs effort to appease Jack tell you about his basic character? Is it likely that Jack will be content to play second fiddle to Ralph? Why or why not? Ralphs effort to appease Jack indicates that Ralph is a considerate, mature boy. He understands, apparently, that Jack is somewhat humiliated by the boys rejections of him as a leader. In view of Jacks initial arrogance and self-importance, it is unlikely that he will be willing to defer to someone elses orders.

    10. 9. What does Ralphs revelation about Piggys name suggest to you about the basic nature of young people? Are they intentionally cruel to each other or just inconsiderate? Explain Some young people are often thoughtless and insensitive about other peoples feelings. Probably they are not always intentionally cruel; they simply dont think before they speak. Ralph didnt reveal Piggys name to be cruel; in fact, he was trying to help by not allowing the boys to label Piggy Fatty.

    11. 10. Why do you think the boys chose Ralph as their leader? Ralph is one of the tallest boys and he has the conch shell. The boys associate the shell with the megaphone from the airport and see Ralph as an authority figure.

    12. Chapter One Plot Synopsis

    13. A number of British schoolboys, whose plane has been shot down during wartime, find themselves marooned on an unidentified island. After all the boys convene, responding to the sound of a conch shell used as a horn, Ralph, at twelve years old one of the older boys, is voted chief of the group. Jack Merridew, the leader of the group of choirboys, tries to assume leadership, but is put in charge of his boys. He decides theyll be the hunters for the entire group.

    14. Literary Focus Chapter One

    15. Setting: a potential island paradise Theme: establishing an orderly society Ralph elected leader Signal fire to attract the attention of any ship passing Potential Conflict: Jack is not chosen as chief Ralph, employing civilized methods, encourages Jack to lead the hunters. Irony: Choirboys as hunters

    16. Main Characters: Piggy: fat, asthmatic, and myopic (narrow-minded) Idea man Ralph: oldest and tallest (and therefore seemingly the most adult) Chosen leader Jack: choir leader Rebel