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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies. Vocabulary for Chapters 1-5. specious - adj. deceptive Synonym : misleading The specious salesman hoodwinked us into buying a car with engine trouble. fronds - noun. large leaves with many divisions Synonym : foliage We decorated the hut with palm fronds .

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Lord of the Flies

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  1. Lord of the Flies Vocabulary for Chapters 1-5

  2. specious - adj. deceptive Synonym: misleading The specious salesman hoodwinked us into buying a car with engine trouble.

  3. fronds - noun large leaves with many divisions Synonym: foliage We decorated the hut with palm fronds.

  4. suffusion -noun The act of overspreadingwith a liquid. Synonym: flood The puppy was adrift on a log in the suffusion of rainwater.

  5. defiles - verb makes foul; to dirty ormake unclean Synonym: pollute The plastics factory defiled the river with its waste water.

  6. twining - verb meandering, curving; to twist or turn Synonym: twist, knot, coil It was a long twingingroad, but we made it!

  7. ebullience - noun liveliness Synonym: exhilaration The winning team’s ebullience filled the arena with joy.

  8. recrimination - noun an accusation made in retaliation Synonym: accusation, allegation Politicians hurled angry recriminations at each other.

  9. declivities - noun descending slopes Synonym: decline Traversing the declivities of the land, we arrived by dusk.

  10. tacit - adj. unstated Ralph’s tacit acceptance of Piggy, was enough to win Piggy’s loyalty.

  11. susurration - noun a soft murmur Synonym: whisper He breathed the secret in a soft susurration.

  12. whelming - adj. engulfing, covering; to submerge Synonym: deluge, drown Thier praise was overwhelming to her, she cried with happiness.

  13. opalescence - noun reflecting rainbow-colored light Synonym: iridescent The opalescence of the gem cast a shimmering light.

  14. incursion - noun a breakthrough intoenemy territory Synonym: attack, irruption, raid, aggression The rebels’ incursion won over the enemy’s stronghold.

  15. detritus - noun debris Synonym: rubble, fragments Detritus littered the road after the crash.

  16. crooning - verb singing softly Synonym: chant Crooning was the way he expressed himself.

  17. fibrous - adj. containing, consisting ofor resembling fibers Synonym: stringy The fibrous outer husk of a coconut preserves the fruit.

  18. sinewy - adj. strong Synonym: tough, firm A runner’s body is sinewy and strong.

  19. disinclination - noun mild preference for avoiding something Synonym: unwillingness, alienation His disinclination for the movie was overruled by the majority’s enthusiasm.

  20. footling - adj. useless Synonym: foolish, silly These footling pranks will not be tolerated!

  21. tempestuously - adv. stormily Synonym: tumultuous He glared tempestuously at her when she interrupted him.

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