industrial revolution in great britain n.
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Industrial Revolution in Great Britain PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Revolution in Great Britain

Industrial Revolution in Great Britain

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Industrial Revolution in Great Britain

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  1. Industrial Revolution in Great Britain

  2. DO NOW: We always write in complete sentences • Name the 3 revolutions we have studied in depth already this year: (hint, look through your notebook) • What was life like in Great Britain before the Industrial Revolution?

  3. Push/Pull Factors • 1. Push Factors: Conditions that drive people to leave their homes Examples: Land scarce in home country, violence, revolutions, poverty • 2. Pull Factors: Conditions that attract people to a new area: Promise of freedom (religious and political) Hope for a new life, Industry, Jobs, Land.

  4. Ms. Carlson’s Family • My grandmother left Sweden alone at age 16 to come to America. She left because the economy was poor in Sweden and she had found a job in America that she wanted. She could also live with her older sister, who had emigrated to America earlier: • Push Factor: Poor economy in Sweden • Pull Factor: Job in America, Live w/Older Sister

  5. Push/Pull Factor Examples: Your Turn • A poor English farmer loses his crop to a drought, and his family is hungry. The knight whose land he works on is often cruel to him. He leaves his farm for a different plot of land. • Name the Push Factor: • Name the Pull Factor • A Jewish family in Poland is getting harassed by their neighbors, and have had animals stolen. They move to Israel to be around more Jewish people and start a new life. • Name the Push Factor: • Name the Pull Factor

  6. Create your own Push/Pull Examples • Create your own scenario about an English family moving from the countryside to the big city. Make sure to specify a Push/Pull factor. Make it good…we will trade and your partner will have to solve your push and pull puzzle 

  7. Gallery Walk • Today, we are going to complete a gallery walk about the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain. • You will have about three minutes at each station to read, discuss, and share the information with your team. You will need to fill out the worksheet

  8. Great Britain & Industrial Revolution • Exit Ticket: • Pretend you are a 17 year old boy leaving the farm for the city. Write a letter to your family explaining where you are going and why. Make sure to include push and pull factors that are bringing you to the city!!!!