the industrial revolution britain begins industrialization n.
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The Industrial Revolution: Britain Begins Industrialization PowerPoint Presentation
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The Industrial Revolution: Britain Begins Industrialization

The Industrial Revolution: Britain Begins Industrialization

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The Industrial Revolution: Britain Begins Industrialization

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  1. The Industrial Revolution:Britain Begins Industrialization • Why was Britain the first country to industrialize?

  2. Agricultural Revolution in Britain (1700) • The large farms begin to experiment with new ways to create larger crops • The Agricultural Revolution helps start the Industrial Revolution • Most citizens in Britain live & work on small farms in the countryside • Enclosure Movement begins when wealthy landowners buy small farms, combine them & then enclose them with fences or hedges 1. 1701: Jethro Tull invents the seed drill • Plants seeds in well spaced rows at a specific depth in the ground • Crops are bigger with larger yields 2. Charles “Turnip” Townshend begins crop rotation • Crop rotation allows you to grow different crops on the same field

  3. 3. Farmers practice selective breeding of animals – bigger sheep! • As food supply increases so does population British need Labor • Britain needs to produce more goods (esp. textiles) • People move to cities to find work, mostly ex-farmers who will work in the new factories that were popping up all over Britain British Industrialize First • Overall, Britain had all of the factors of production, which are land, labor, and capital (wealth/money) 1) Resources:Water power/coal to fuel the new machines & iron ore to construct machines, tools, and buildings 2) Transportation:Rivers to transport goods throughout Britain & natural harbors that allow merchants to sail to and from the island 3) Capital:Great banking system, Entrepreneurs who wanted to invest in the new technology 4) Stable Government plus many colonies & powerful Navy

  4. 5. Inventions & Improvements • Textile Industry begins in So. England & spreads throughout the rest of Britain (most cotton comes from US South) improvements include: B) Cotton Gin (from US) A) Spinning Jenny • Transportation improvements helps move of goods throughout Britain D) Fulton’s Steamboat E) Steam Locomotive F)Liverpool-Manchester railroad C) Watt’s Steam Engine

  5. Warm-up 15-2Find answers on page 285 • How did the flying shuttle improve the textile industry? • Why did the demand for cloth increase? • What did Britain need to make cloth and where did that material come from? • When was the only period after 1830 in which British cloth consumption didn’t rise? Why do you think this may have happened? Where else could the British have gone to get cotton?