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The Cold War

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The Cold War. The USSR vs. The USA. Canada and The Cold War. The Cold War was a war of words, propaganda, espionage and economic pressure between western democracies and the USSR Lasted from 1945-1991 when the Soviet Union Collapsed

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the cold war

The Cold War

The USSR vs. The USA

canada and the cold war
Canada and The Cold War
  • The Cold War was a war of words, propaganda, espionage and economic pressure between western democracies and the USSR
  • Lasted from 1945-1991 when the Soviet Union Collapsed
  • After WWII the Soviet Union felt they should get control of European countries to help them rebuild
  • U.S. Disagreed. Did not want European countries to become Communist
atomic nuclear weapons
Atomic (Nuclear) Weapons
  • The Americans and Soviets raced to develop new weapons of mass destruction
  • In 1952, the U.S exploded the first hydrogen bomb
  • 1957, Soviets successfully launched the world’s first rocket to leave the earth’s atmosphere
  • U.S. does the same and creates intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads
atomic nuclear weapons1
Atomic (Nuclear) Weapons
  • Prime Minister Diefenbaker had a lot of pressure from American President Kennedy to have nuclear weapons on Bomarc missiles
  • Prime Minister Diefenbaker refused to have nuclear weapons on Canadian soil
  • Fear was created since both countries had the technology of nuclear weapons and the means to send missiles from great distances
  • People were fearful of Soviet spies infiltrating the Canadian Government
  • The Americans arrested Ethel and Julius Rosenburgfor supposedly passing atomic secrets to the Soviets – they were executed
    • While Julius likely was guilty there is still little evidence to prove Ethel guilty
    • 1st case of executing civilians for espionage in U.S. history
igor gouzenko
Igor Gouzenko
  • Was a cipher clerk at the Soviet embassy in Ottawa in 1943
  • He discovered that Soviet intelligence operated several spy rings in Canada
  • Took documents showing this activity
  • Canadian officials arrested 12 suspects and others were taken following this
    • He has to be protected for the rest of his life and was given a fake identity
korean war
Korean War
  • The Soviet controlled North Korea invaded the American-supported South Korea in 1950
  • The Canadian government was originally reluctant to send troops but eventually sided with the Americans
  • The was lasted until 1953
  • Canadian Statistics
    • 22,000 Canadian Soldiers fought
    • 309 were killed
    • 1,202 were injured
    • 32 became POWs
the berlin wall
The Berlin Wall
  • East (Russian Controlled) and West Germany (Democratically Controlled) had split opinions about the creation of a Communist Germany
  • East Germany claimed they erected the wall in 1961 to protect themselves from the “fascist” elements of the west
  • Actually, the Wall was erected in 1961 because more than 2.6 million East Germans escaped to West Berlin or West Germany from 1949-1961
  • The barrier included barbed wire placed along large concrete walls, which restricted a wide area that contained anti-vehicle trenches, and other defences
the avro arrow
The Avro Arrow
  • The Avro Arrow was a twin engine, supersonic jut – the most advanced jet airplane ever built at its time
  • In 1949 the Canadian government paid 2 million dollars for each of these jets
  • They were created because of fears of Soviet bombers over the Canadian North
  • In 1957 the first Avro Arrow was unveiled to the public
the avro arrow1
The Avro Arrow
  • Diefenbaker cancelled all orders in 1959 for more jets
    • Felt that Soviet bombers were no longer a threat
    • The cost for each jet was too high
  • A.V. Rowe the plane’s manufacturer, fires all employees, destroys all existing planes, all plans, drawings, photographs, and films associated with the planes because of orders from the government