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Pancia’s President PowerPoint Presentation 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pancia’s President PowerPoint Presentation 2012

Pancia’s President PowerPoint Presentation 2012

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Pancia’s President PowerPoint Presentation 2012

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  1. Pancia’sPresidentPowerPointPresentation2012

  2. President of the U.S.A.1789-1797George Washington1st PresidentBY CHRISTOPHER CUARtas George As A Kid George As A President Political party- Federalist Nickname in office- the Father of his Country Major accomplishments was his face is in Mount Rush more Pet in White House- horse • Birth-2-22-1732 • Hometown-Virginia • Education-Home School • Career-General • Family- children 2 wife Martha Dandridge Custis • Death- 12-14-1799 he got sick

  3. President Thomas Jefferson3rd President of the U.S.A1801- 1809by Drew Kinser Personal Life Presidential Life Political party: Democrat- Republican Nicknames: Father of the Declaration of Independence Accomplishments: founded the University of Virginia Signed the Declaration of Independence Pets: Mocking Bird • Born: on April 13th 1743 in Goochland, Virginia • Hometown: Goochland, Virginia • Education :College of William and Mary • Career farmer, lawyer • Family : wife Martha Skelton , Martha, Jane, Martha , Lucy • Died: July 4th 1826 in Charlottesville, Virginia

  4. President Andrew Jackson7th President of the U.S.A1839 -1837by: Jena Ayesh The early days President life Political party : Democrat Nickname :Old Hicory Major accomplishments : was hero ofthe New Orleans war. On twenty dollar bill Pets in white house : A champion racing horse and six other horses and two dogs • Birth:1767 March 15th • Hometown: Tennessee • Education: studied in North Carolina • Career: lawyer and a soldier • Family : Rachel Donelson • Death: 1845 June 8th

  5. President James K. Polk11th president of United States1845-1849Dalton Thompson Personal Life Presidential Life Political Party: democratic Nickname in office: Young Hickory Major accomplishments: Extended nation’s boundaries to Pacific Ocean after the Mexican War Pets in the White House: No • Born November 2, 1795 • Hometown North Carolina • College University of NC • He was a lawyer • Wife Sarah and no children • Died- June 15, 1849

  6. President Abraham Lincoln16thPresident of the United States1861-1865 Harding Gavin Early years Presidential life Political Party : Republican Nickname in office : Honest Abe ; The Great Emancipator Major accomplishment contributions :he helped free slaves when black and white were separated Pets in white house: pig • Birth: February 12,1809 • Hometown: Hodgenville, Kentucky • Education: Self-Taught Law • Career: Lawyer • Family: Mary Todd Lincoln,4 kids • Death: April 15, 1865, in Washington, D.C, assassinated

  7. Ulysses Simpson Grant18th President of the United States1869-1877Carson Gesing Early years President life Political party: Republican Nicknames in office:h.u.g Major accomplishments: best known as Union General who led North to victory Pets in White House:h. u. g • Birth: April 27 1822 • Hometown- Point Pleasant Ohio • Education: US Military Academy West Point • Career: soldier [General] • Family: wife Julia Boggs kids Fredrick Dent, Ellen and Jesse Grant • Death: July 23 1885

  8. President Theodore Roosevelt26th President of the US1901-1909by Savannah James Personal life Presidential life Political party : Republican Nick names: Teddy By the 1904 election Roosevelt eager to be elected President in his own right to achieve this he knew that was Major accomplishments needed to work with Republican party leaders Pets in White House: zebra • Born: October 1858 • Hometown :New York • Education: Harvard College • Career: Author, public official & lawyer • Family: Alice lee Edith Carow • Death: January 6th 1919 y New York

  9. President Woodrow Wilson28th President of the U.S.A.1913 – 1921Hannah Proctor Personal Life Presidential Life Political Party: Democrat Nickname in office: “Schoolmaster in Politics” Accomplishments: Governor of New Jersey, gave women the right to vote, President of Princeton University Pets: Sheep • Born: December 28th 1856 in Staunton, Virginia • Hometown: Augusta, Georgia • Education: College of New Jersey • Career: Professor, Football Coach • Family: Wife: Ellen Axson Children: Margaret, Jessie, and Eleanor • Death: 1924, Washington D.C., stroke

  10. President Herbert Clark Hoover31st President of the U.S.A.1929-1933By Connor Day Personal Life As A President Political Party: Republican Major accomplishments: He built the F.B.I. into one of the world’s most outstanding law- enforcement agencies Pets in White house: King Tut, Police dog • Birth: August 10,1874 • Hometown: Iowa • Education: Stanford University • Career: Mining engineer and humanitarian • Family: Wife: Lou Henry Hoover • Death: October,20,1962

  11. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt32nd President of U.S.A1933-1945Joshua Marte Personal Life Presidential Life Political Party: Democrat Nickname in office: F.D.R. Major accomplishments: created the social security system Pets in White House: Dog • Born: January 30th 1882 • Hometown-New York • Education: Harvard university • Career:Lawyer;Banker • Family: Anna Eleanor, James, Franklin • Delano JR. • Death: April 12 1945

  12. President Harry S. Truman33rd President of United States of America1945-1953Luke Miller Life before and afterbeing President Life in theHouseWhite Political Party: Democratic Nickname: Give ‘em HellHarry No middle name.He added S. Pet in White House: CockerSpanielnamedFeller. • Born: May 8, 1884 Lamar, Missouri • Hometown: Independence, Missouri • Education: Kansas City School of Law • Career: Soldier • Family: (Wife) Elizabeth Virginia Wallace Truman(Child)Mary Margaret • Death: December 26, 1972, in Lamar, Missouri

  13. President Dwight David Eisenhower34th President of U.S.A1953-1961 Personal Life Presidential Life Political Party: Republican Nickname inoffice: Ike Major accomplishments contributions: first President for all 50 states Pets in White House: heidia, weimaraner dog • Born :Oct.14 1890, Denson, Texas • Hometown: Kansas • Education: U.S Military Academy • Career: Soilder ( General) • Family: Geneva Doud 2 children • Death: Mar. 28, 1969

  14. President John Kennedy35th President of the U.S.A.1961-1963By: Makayla Brown Personal Life President Years Political Party- Democrat Nickname in office : Jack Major accomplishments/ contributions: first Roman Catholic to serve in office Pets in White House: Pony • Hometown- Massachusetts • Birth: May 29,1917 • Education: Harvard University • Career: Navy ensign; journalist; author • Family: wife-Jacqueline kids-Caroline and Patrick • Death-Nov.22,1963 he was shot.

  15. President Richard Nixon37th President1964-1974Michael Forbis Personal Presidential Life Political party :Republican Nicknames: None • Birth: January 9th • Hometown : Yorba Linda California • Education : Duke University • Care : Lawyer Public Office • Family: Patricia , Julie • Death: April 22

  16. President James Earl Carter Jr.39th President of United States of America1977-1981Tucker Moore Personal Life Presidential Life His party was Democratic His nickname was “Jimmy the Peanut President” He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 and wrote 14 books He had a dog named Grits • Born October 1,1924 • Hometown is Plains, Georgia • Went to college at Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia Southwestern Junior College • His careers were Soldier, Farmer, Warehouseman, Public Official, Professor • Wife was Elanor Rosalynn Smith Carter and he had 4 children • He is still living today

  17. President Ronald Wilson Reagan 40th President of The United States1981-1989LUKAS BARRY Early year President Life Political party: Republican Nickname: Dutch, the Gripper Major accomplishment contributions: oldest President(69yrs.) 11mos-77years actor in 53 films governor of Californa Pets in the White House: 2 dogs • Birthday:Feb.6th 1911 • Hometown- California • Education: Eureka college • Career actor, radio sports announcer, spokesman • Family wives:2 kids:3 • Death June 5th ,2004

  18. President George Herbert Walker Bush41st President of U.S.A.1989-1993Snell Travis Personal Life 41st President Political party: republican Nickname in office: “Poppy” “Bush 41” Major accomplishments, contributions: “he helped the United States navigate the end of the cold war and new era” Pet in White House: dog • Born on June 12,1924 Milton, Massachusetts • Hometown, Massachusetts • Education: Yale University • Career: oilman • Bush Family: wife Barbara Pierce George Walker Bush • Death: still alive

  19. President Bill Clinton42nd President of the USA1993-2001Danielle Rubino Personal President Political party : Democrat Nickname in office : Bill, the Comeback Kid, Slick Willie Pets in White House : dog/cat • Birth: August 19 1946 • Hometown-Arkansas • Education: Georgetown University • Career: law professor • Family: Hillary Clinton, Chelsea – daughter

  20. President George W. Bush43rdPresident of the United States of America2001-2009by:Brendonbuckanavage Personal Life President Years Political Party-Republican Nickname in office- Dubya Major accomplishments: won the race with the closest election result in history Pets in White House : a dog, cat, two scottish terriers, longhorn • Birth: July 6 1946 • Hometown-West Texas • Education: Yale University; Harvard University • Career: Oilman ; baseball team owner • Family: Wife: Laura Welch Children: Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush

  21. President Barack Obama44th president of the united states2009-2013Caroline Moore Personal life Being a president Political party: Democrat Nickname in office: Barry Accomplishments: won Nobel peace prize Pets in the white house: dog • Birth:1961 August 4th • Education: Columbia University • Career: community organizer • Family: wife: Michelle child:Natasha and Malia • Death:still alive • Hometown: Honolulu

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