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    1. Welcome An Update on Interdisciplinary Studies

    3. Interdisciplinary Studies TEAM http://www.is.ucf.edu/about/faculty.php Dr. Michael Hampton, Director Iris Rios, Administrative Assistant Allison Ennis, Receptionist Advisors Peer Advisors Peter Wallace Maria Castro Jessica Simmons Aeryel Williams Marcelle Turner Miguel Naranjo Jessica Cheatwood-Alvarez

    4. What we do Advise prospective students on area and minor selection (even non-UCF students) – Peer Advisors Confirm major and course requirements Maintain and correct degree audit - Advisors Explain undergraduate policies and procedures Advising on GEP, Gordon Rule, Residency Requirement, Foreign Language and Transfer Credit For overrides, waivers, petitions, etc. Graduation Certification – Jessica S. Curriculum and enrollment management of IDS and GIS courses Newsletter each semester Advise by appointment only

    6. New Website http://www.is.ucf.edu/index.php

    7. Website Features Narrated Orientation PowerPoint Online Appointment Scheduling History of Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Forms Newsletters Student Journal Alumni Biographies How to Register How to Read a Degree Audit

    8. Interdisciplinary Studies Tracks, Minors, & Certificates TRACKS Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A. or B.S.) Environmental Studies (B.S.) Women’s Studies (B.A.) MINORS World Comparative Studies Environmental Studies Leadership Studies CERTIFICATES Cultural Tourism Leadership Studies

    9. Interdisciplinary Studies Track The most popular track (About 95% of our students) Consists of three different, non-overlapping, disciplines - two areas of study plus a minor from the list of minors offered at UCF Two core courses, cornerstone and capstone Individual plan of study developed working closely with advisor Great academic flexibility

    10. Interdisciplinary Studies Track Begins on Page 228 in the 2010-2011 Catalog 54 Credits in the Major 6 credits in Two Core Courses IDS3933 Cornerstone Experience (1st semester in IS) IDS4934 Capstone Experience (last semester in IS) 30 credits in Two Subject Areas 15 credits each 18 credits (or more) in One Minor from UCF Of the 30 credits in the two subject areas, at least 15 credits must be upper level and at least 15 credits must be taken at UCF Students must consult with an Interdisciplinary Studies Advisor to enter the program B.A. requires one-year university level foreign language or proficiency or American sign language (SPA4614) B.S. requires one semester university level foreign language or proficiency or a multicultural course from our list

    11. Interdisciplinary Studies Track areas of study Arts Behavioral & Social Sciences Commerce Communication Computational Sciences Education Engineering Health Humanities Letters & Modern Languages Life/Biomedical Sciences Physical Sciences Public Affairs

    15. Online Program The on-line Interdisciplinary Studies Distance learning program is different only in that the areas and minors available are limited. The areas of study currently available on-line are: Areas of Study Minors Behavioral & Social - Political Science Sociology Education - Tech. Ed. & Industry Training Health - Health Service Administration Humanities - History Letters & Modern Languages - Writing Public Affairs - Minors may be available, see advisor Women’s Studies (Interdisciplinary)

    17. Updated Forms 2010 Track Sheets and Area prefix sheets available online. Major change forms are not available on our website, students must make an appointment to declare the major. Environmental Studies course options are not available on website, students may obtain one from our office.

    18. Contact the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies Want to make an appointment to learn more? We will gladly train you on how to advise for this major! Location: Classroom Building 1, Suite 302 Hours: Monday - Friday - 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Phone Number: (407)823-0144 Email: is@mail.ucf.edu Website: www.is.ucf.edu