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Skills & Techniques Revision Notes PowerPoint Presentation
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Skills & Techniques Revision Notes

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Skills & Techniques Revision Notes
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Skills & Techniques Revision Notes

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  1. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Skill • Define what a skill/technique is • Describe the classification of a skill • Describe your specific strength and weaknesses within Badminton (using classification and saying what effect they have on your overall game of badminton) • Be able to compare your performance with a model performance.

  2. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • How to Collect Data Regarding Your Performance • Different methods of collecting initial data (on your whole game) • Different methods of collecting focussed data (on your specific weakness) • Why do we collect data • Why do we do it specific ways/why they are appropriate methods • How do these ways give accurate/valid data

  3. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • How We Learn • How we process information • The learning loop • Cycle of Analysis

  4. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Movement Analysis • Describe what this is • How we use it • What benefits are there from using this method of analysis

  5. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Stages of Learning • Cognitive Stage/Practice Stage/Autonomous Stage • What each stage is • What your performance would be like at each stage • What practices would you do at each stage • How do you move up a stage

  6. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Methods of Practice • Shadow/Feeder/Repetition Drills/Pressure/Conditioned Games/Gradual Build Up/Whole-Part-Whole/Opposed-Unopposed/Small Sided Games/Problem Solving • Know what each of these are • Be able to describe them • Be able to give practical example of each • Be able to discuss a training programme for your weakness

  7. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Principles of Effective Practice • Clear Objectives • Focussed on weakness • Practice choice aimed at appropriate stage of learning • Practice choice aimed at current level of ability • Work to Rest Ratio • Progression of practices – why and how • Target setting – challenging but achievable/realistic Why each of these make a successful practice session/programme

  8. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Factors Affecting the Learning of Skills • Repetition • Fatigue/Boredom – duration, varied practices etc regularity • Determination/Motivation/Concentration/Confidence How each of these affect you as you learn skills – what makes you learn better/quicker, how do you avoid learning plateaus/tapering.

  9. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Feedback • How/when/why to give it • Different types of feedback and benefits of each • Be able to describe each

  10. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • How to Monitor/Evaluate Performance • Be able to describe each method • Say how and why each method was carried out in a particular way – making it reliable/valid • When would you carry this out? During programme of improvement/at the end of programme etc. • Why do you monitor your performance • How do we know if your practice was successful • How did improving your skill affect your overall performance

  11. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Relate this information to a skill performed in Badminton, preferably one with many subroutines eg Smash Drop shot Overhead clear

  12. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Sample question1 • Choose one activity. Describe some of the fundamental skills and/or techniques you need to perform in this activity. (4) • Describe what you did to obtain information about your strengths and weaknesses when applying these skills/techniques in full performance situations. (4) • Choose two of the skills or techniques described in part 1. Discuss your strengths and weaknesses when you are applying them in full performance situations. (6) • When preparing to meet the demands of the full performance situation explain how you ensured that the methods of practice that you used were appropriate. Give examples to illustrate your answer. (6)

  13. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Sample question2 • Choose an activity and from it one skill and technique which you analysed through using: Mechanical analysis, movement analysis, consideration of quality. Describe, in detail, the specific criteria you used when analysing the skill or technique though one of the methods of analysis.(4) • Describe, in detail, the information about your performance of the chosen skill or technique, that you were able to obtain from the analysis carried out in Part(1) (6) • Explain how you used this information to help you plan a programme of progressive practices. (6) • Discuss how your whole performance was affected as a result of your practice programme. (4)

  14. Skills & TechniquesRevision Notes • Sample question 3 • Choose one activity. Describe the ways you have learned skills or developed technique at two different stages in your performance development. Give an example for each stage. (8) • Discuss the principles of effective practice that you considered to ensure your practice was successful. (6) • Discuss the significance of one of the following in relation to learning skills or developing technique: Motivation Concentration Feedback (6)