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WELCOME. TVS IIT Madras Finishing School. TVS IIT Madras Finishing School is a Joint Initiative by Lakshmi Vidya Sangham ,a Registered Non Profit society promoted by the TVS Management and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras at Chennai. TVS IIT Madras Finishing School .

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TVS IIT Madras Finishing School


TVS IIT Madras Finishing School is a Joint Initiative by Lakshmi Vidya Sangham ,a Registered Non Profit society promoted by the TVS Management and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras at Chennai

tvs iit madras finishing school
TVS IIT Madras Finishing School

Set up to address the gap between the knowledge of a Fresh Graduate Engineer and the requirements of the Industry

Aim is to bring the expertise and experience of the best proponents of Engineering Design in the country to the deserving section of students who demonstrate exceptional potential and leadership qualities

tvs iit madras finishing school1
TVS IIT Madras Finishing School

Participating Companies

Leading Industrial Houses

TVS Group Companies

tvs iit madras finishing school2
TVS IIT Madras Finishing School


Centre of Learning – Multimedia Lecture Hall with state of the art Video conferencing facilities

Computer Laboratory with High end workstations and Engineering Softwares

Administrative facilities - Canteen, Air Conditioning, Generator, UPS , Accommodation, Transportation

  • It is a 6 months certificate course that basically bridges the gap between the academic & industry requirements.
  • It is a unique course which is structured by Indian Institute Of Technology Madras and Supported by Lakshmi Vidya Sangham
certificate course on engineering design analysis
  • 6 Months certificate course on Design & Analysis
  • 6 Months –Theory
  • 2 Months –Project

Course Overview



Design for strength, FEM, CFD

Vibrations &

Analysis Soft wares



Engineering Design process


Design Soft wares

course structure
Course structure

Design- Engineering Design Process & CAD


  • Design For Strength
  • Computational Methods In design & Manufacturing ( FEA)
  • Theory of Vibrations
  • Heat Transfer ,Fluid Flow & Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Software Tools-

# Auto desk Inventor, CATIA V5 R18, Uni-Graphics, ABAQUS, Star CD

engineering design process
Engineering Design Process
  • Gives an approach to design a new product or modify the existing one
  • Overview & Philosophy of Engineering Design process
  • Understanding the customer needs
  • Steps involved in Creating the Idea
  • Quality Function Deployment
  • Product Teardown Function (Analyzing the strengths & weaknesses of
  • our own, competitors products and comparing those)
  • Introduction to CAD/CAM

Subject Contents

# Overview of Engineering Design Process # Understanding the Customer needs # Steps involved in Developing Engg. Specifications # Quality Function Deployment # Functional design # Product Teardown Function # Geometric Modeling # Mathematical Representation of Solids. # Data Exchange In CAD/CAM Systems.

# Case studies

design for strength
Design For Strength
  • Deals with the
  • Stress & Strength.
  • Types Of Loadings.
  • Various Ways/Modes of Failures.
  • Fracture point.
design for strength subject contents
Design For Strength ( Subject Contents)
  • Finding the stress involved in Machine Members due to various loads.
  • Failure theories – (To find the modes /ways of failure due stress)
  • Reliability In Engineering design.
  • Design for fatigue ( Design for Repeated or Cyclic loading )
  • Introduction to Fracture mechanics – ( study the Causes & Modes of

fracture Initiation & Propagation)

  • Design for surface Integrity & Creep.
  • Case Studies.
computational methods in design manufacturing finite element analysis
  • Finest tool to analyze the stress, strength and failure point more

rigorously both theoretically & by using Soft wares

  • Concepts of Stress, Strain, their relation ship & Stiffness Matrix Formulation.
  • Element Formulation, Classification and use of Various Elements in Practice
  • Isoparametric Elements & It’s Fundamentals.
  • Introduction to Nonlinear FEM
  • Case Studies.

Tool used for FEM : ABAQUS 6.9

finite element analysis
Finite Element Analysis
  • Industries are feeling the increasing need for Finite Element Analysis as they want to have an edge over competition and cater better to their customer’s production needs.
  • Experimental results obtained through FEA are a saving on time and resources. FEA is used to solve the problems at the design stage itself so that problems are reduced before the release of products.
finite element analysis1
Finite Element Analysis
  • Softwares such as CATIA , UNIGRAPHICS , AUTODESK INVENTOR are high end softwares which are being used in the major industries to design the products with complex shape.
  • Softwares such as PATRAN , ABAQUS , STAR CCM + are being used to do stress, thermal, flow analysis . These high end softwares are used to initialize the design of the product before the production stage .
theory of vibrations
  • To Identify & analyze various types of Vibrations Present in the Mechanical Systems.
  • Single degree Of Freedom System –Governing Equations, Solutions & implications.
  • Single degree Of Freedom System Subjected To Transient excitation
  • Multi-degree Of Freedom System - Governing Equations & Solution characteristics.
  • Case Studies
heat transfer computational fluid dynamics
Heat Transfer & Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • To analyze the problems related to Fluid flow & Heat transfer on Machine Members

CFD ( Heat Transfer )

  • Concepts of Conductive, Convective & Radiative Heat Transfers.
  • Governing Partial Differential Equations for Heat Flow.
  • Analysis of Heat Transfer with Pin Fins.

CFD ( Fluid Flow)

  • Types of Grids ( Structured & Un structured) and Types of Errors.
  • Convergence, Consistency and Stability.
  • Finite Volume Method.
  • Case Studies.
software tools
Software Tools
  • Auto desk Inventor - Modeling
  • CATIA V5 R18 - Modeling
  • Uni-Graphics - Modeling
  • ABAQUS - Analysis ( FEA )
  • Star CD - Analysis ( CFD )
thank you

TVS IIT Madras Finishing School