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Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. Critical Analysis page 244. 2. a. What is the relationship between Nag and Nagaina ?. Nag and Nagaina are husband and wife. b. What does Nagaina do to make matters worse for Nag and herself?.

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rikki tikki tavi


Critical Analysis page 244

2 a what is the relationship between nag and nagaina
2. a. What is the relationship between Nag and Nagaina?
  • Nag and Nagaina are husband and wife.
b what does nagaina do to make matters worse for nag and herself
b. What does Nagaina do to make matters worse for Nag and herself?
  • Answer: Nagaina plans to attack the family, which makes Rikki-Tikki determined to kill the snakes.
c why does this plan make her a villain
c. Why does this plan make her a villain?
  • Answer: Nagaina’s plan makes her a villain because she plans to kill innocent people simply so she can rule the garden.
3 a what role does darzee play in the story
3. a. What role does Darzee play in the story?
  • Darzee’s gossip helps explain who the characters are and provides humor and suspense.
b whose approach to life darzee s or rikiki s do you think is more effective why
b. Whose approach to life, Darzee’s or Rikiki’s, do you think is more effective? Why?
  • Answer: Rikki-Tikki’s approach to life is effective, because he thinks seriously about consequences before taking action or making claims.
4. a. “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” is among the most widely read short stories ever. Why do you think it is so popular?
  • Answer: “Rikki-Tik ki-Tavi” is a great story because it is suspenseful and exciting. It has a hero, and its villains are evil.

c. Share your responses with a partner. Then discuss how looking at someone else’s responses did or did not change your evaluation.

5 a in what way are nagaina s eggs innocent victims of the conflict
5. a. In what way are Nagaina’s eggs innocent victims of the conflict?
  • Answer: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi destroy Nagaina’s eggs even though the snakes within the eggs have done nothing to Rikki, so they are innocent victims.
b how do teddy and his family suffer connect to the big question does every conflict have a winner
b. How do Teddy and his family suffer? (Connect to the Big Question: Does every conflict have a winner?)
  • Answer: Teddy and his family suffer from the conflict by being threatened and terrified by the snakes and worrying about Rikki.