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  1. welcome Department of Agriculture, Government of Uttar Pradesh

  2. National Conference Kharif- 2006

  3. PROFILE- UTTAR PRADESH • Reported Area 242 Lakh ha. • Divisions 17 • Districts 70 • Tehsils 303 • Blocks 813 • Revenue Villages 1.09 Lakh • Population 16.61 Crore Agriculture No. of Farmers 2.06 Crore (Marginal 75%, Small 15%) (Area Lakh ha.) • Gross Cropped area 254 • Kharif 120 • Rabi 127 • Zaid 7 • Net Cropped area 168 • Gross Irrigated Area 182 • Net Irrigated Area 128 • Cropping intensity 151%

  4. Agro Climatic Zone in U.P. Tarai Western Plain Central Western Plain South Western Semi Arid Plain Central Plain Bundelkhand North Eastern Plain Eastern Plain Vindhyan Area 15 Agro-climatic zones in India

  5. Classification of Farmers Based on Land Holdings (Based on 2001- 02 data)

  6. Contribution of U.P. in Crop Production of India Lakh Ton

  7. Contribution of U.P. in Area Coverage (Lakh ha.)

  8. Contribution of U.P. in Agricultural Production of India (Lakh MT)

  9. Agricultural Productivity (Qtl./ha)

  10. Kharif 2005 • 92.66 lakh ha. area was covered against the target of 93.09 lakh ha. The short fall is mainly due to abnormal rainfall pattern. • Paddy coverage has been 58.02 lakh ha. against the target of 59.30 lakh ha. • Coverage under Bajra, Jowar, Urd, Moong, Arhar has been more than 100% of the target (A result of implementation of contingent plan to counter balanced the effects of abnormal rainfall). • Total Kharif foodgrain production is anticipated about 137 lakh m.t. against the target of 188.50 lakh m.t. (In 2004-05 124.10 lakh m.t. production achieved). • Anomaly in setting production targets in being removed.

  11. Rabi 2005-06 • 21.78 lakh q. seed distributed against the target of 20.75 lakh q. (last year distribution 17.05 lakh q.). • 43.72 lakh MT fertilizer made available (Jan'06) against the total distribution of 43.67 lakh MT in 2004-05. • 8834 K.lit/ton plant protection chemicals made available against the target of 4811 K lit/ton. • 80140 Kg. Trichoderma made available against the target of 66000 Kg. • 5337 Kg. B.bassiana arranged- 2464 Kg. distributed. • Crop loan worth Rs. 3655.03 crore distributed up to Jan'06 against the total disbursement of Rs. 2167.99 crore in 2004-05 (an increase of about 68%). • 19.65 lakh KCCs distributed up to Jan'06 against the distribution of Rs. 18.47 lakh KCCs in Rabi 2004-05. contd….

  12. contd…. • 124.80 lakh ha. area has been Covered against the target of 124 lakh ha. • Wheat sowing has been done 90.14 lakh ha. against the target of 90 lakh ha. • Wheat production is expected to be around 245 lakh MT against the last year's production of 225 lakh MT • Area coverage under Pulses & Oil seeds is more than the target i.e. to the tune of 39000 ha. and 30000 ha., respectively. • About 3-5 % increase in production of Pulses and Oilseeds expected over the last year's production of 8.34 lakh MT. • Total Rabi foodgrain production is estimated about 275 lakh MT (In 2004-05 253.05 lakh MT production achieved).

  13. Kharif 2006 - Targets • Total Kharif coverage target 93.50 lakh ha. (last year coverage 93.09 lakh ha.) • Paddy coverage targeted to be 60 lakh ha. against the coverage of 58.02 lakh ha. in Kharif 2005 • Total Kharif food grain production target is 145 lakh MT (anticipated production of kharif 2005 is about 137 lakh MT) • Rice production target 12.50 lakh tons (last year anticipated production of Kharif 2005 – 11.00 lakh ton)

  14. Regionally differentiated strategy for enhancement of crop production Agenda-1 Area in '000 ha. Production in '000 M.T.

  15. Agenda-1 Contd… Rice Production (2003-2004) U.P. avg. 21.81 q/ha. India avg. 21.81 q/ha.

  16. Agenda-1 Contd… ISSUES • Delayed transplanting of Paddy. • Lack of assured irrigation facilities (about 56% area in kharif depends on tube wells & about 43% on Canals). • Less availability of water in canals at the time of peak requirement to the crops. • High cost of irrigations through diesel operated tube wells & low power availability to run the electric powered tube wells. • Dearth of stable and widely adaptable hybrids particularly in case of paddy. • Growing micro nutrient deficiency particularly of Zinc in predominant Paddy- Wheat rotation in the State. • Recurrence of Brown Plant Hopper (BPH) in paddy.

  17. Agenda-1 Contd.. STRATEGIES • Crop specific areas are being demarcated for intensive agricultural interventions so that productivity of those commodities (such as Oil seeds & Pulses) with special attention, can be enhanced. • These areas have been categorized as • (i) having high coverage with high productivity and • (ii) with high coverage but low productivity. • Agro-climatic zone wise thrust the crops – • Pulses/Oilseeds in Bundelkhand, • Bajra, Maize, Guar and Black Gram in Western, South Western Semi Dry zones • while focusing crops like Rice, Arhar, Black Gram, Til etc. in Mid, Eastern & North Eastern Zones. • Promoting Hybrid Rice in Mid/ North East & Eastern Plain • Basmati Rice in Tarai & Mid Western Plain Zone. • Micro planning for irrigation by way of osrabandi at 28020 State tube wells.

  18. Agenda-1 Contd.. • Advancing transplanting of Paddy Crop by about 15 days from the existing practice so that production of Paddy crop could be enhanced by about 2q/ha. This will facilitate timely sowing of Wheat in the next Rabi. • Emphasis on micro nutrients' tests along with general soil testing programme. Seasonal campaign will be organised for collecting samples involving Govt. and Non Govt. organization. • The whole organizational structure of extension system has been reorganized so as to have one extension worker at each Nyaya Panchyat level. These extension workers are being reoriented to address emerging challenges in Agriculture. • State Credit Plan finalized by State Level Bankers' Committee under the Chairmanship of Agriculture Production Commissioner. • Steps taken to implement recommendation of Vaidya Nathan Committee report to re-capitalize the Co-operative Societies & District Co-operative Banks. • About 1000 franchisees placed to fill the gap of defunct co-operative societies for input distribution.

  19. Agenda-2 Timely availability of quality inputs and adoption of modern farming facilities a) SEED PLAN • A comprehensive seed plan to arrange 5.60 lakh q. seed of different crop is prepared. (last year 4.99 lakh seed was distributed) • 1.87 lakh q. certified seed from seed producing agencies. • From private sector 2.89 q. certified seed & 0.84 lakh q. quality seed. • 56571 qtls. foundation seed is available against the requirement of 5849 q. (Surplus foundation seed will be utilized for demonstrations and distribution) • Against the distribution target of 1.74 lakh q. certified seed 1.99 lakh q. is available (a deficit of 1601 q. seed of Maize, Jowar, Bajra, Ground-nut and Sunflower will be met through excess foundation seed & from UPSDC) • Keeping in view the sowing/transplanting time of kharif crops, seed placement will be done accordingly . • SRR to go up from 19.06 in 2005 to 20.88 in Kharif 2006.(SRR of Rice seed from 20.30 to 21.83%)

  20. Agenda-2 Contd..

  21. Agenda-2 Contd.. b) NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT • Total NPK requirement is estimated to be 15.84 lakh m.t. (consumption of the fertilizer in the best kharif seasons have been 15.28 lakh m.t. of NPK) • Anticipated opening stock as on April, 1st 2006 is estimated to be about 65441 MT. • 10339 institutional & 57000 private sale points for fertilizer distribution. • Month wise fertilizer material wise distribution plan prepared for all the 70 districts. • The distribution plan based on the sowing/transplanting pattern in different regions. • 17 units of DoA ,U.P. are equipped to produce 1 lakh packets each. (during 2005-06 6.28 lakh packets have been distributed so far) • To meet the zinc requirement 10000 MT Zinc Sulphate is to be distributed ( Kharif 2005 consumption -8084 MT).

  22. Agenda-2 Contd.. Balancing Fertilizer Use in Kharif

  23. Agenda-2 Contd.. Soil Testing & Bio-Fertilizer • Bio-fertilizer- Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Azospirilium, PSB etc. • Contribution in the field of Bio-fertilizers comes mainly from IFFCO, KRIBHICO, CHAMBAL, NFL and labs of Agril. Dept.

  24. Agenda-2 Contd.. c) Pest Management • The use of chemical pesticides is gradually discouraged and preference is given to bio-agents/ bio-pesticides. • In kharif 2005, 3075 m.t. chemical pesticides were consumed against the target of 3400 MT.. Target for 2006 has been reduced and has been set to 3350 m.t.. • The distribution of pesticides is carried out through a total of 13098 sale points of Co-operative, U.P. Agro, Department of Agriculture & private distributors. • 15 State Bio Control Labs (SBCL) (of which 9 are managed by DoA, 4 by SAUs and 2 by CIPMC) are producing Bio-agents.

  25. Agenda-2 Contd.. d) Agricultural Implements Procurement of agricultural implements /tools through U.P. State Agro Industrial Corp. Ltd. 346 tractors have been distributed up to Jan’06 . 1102 tractor driven and 808 animal driven implements made available to the farmers. In order to facilitate reduction in drudgery, 16512 gender friendly equipments (hand winnowing fan, maize shellw, chaff culture etc.) have been distributed up to Dec’05. Quality/Specification pre checking randomly by UPAGRO and post dispatch check by Extension Officer of DoA.

  26. Agenda-3 State Initiative for Increasing Investment in Agriculture ( in lakh Rs.) Table- Favourable Budgetary Allocation • Provision for additional subsidy of Rs. 24.00 crore on seed (@Rs. 120/- per q.) • Rs. 19.50 crore provisioned for increase in seed production to achieve 25% SRR. • Provision of Rs. 1.00 crorefor Jatrofa Plantation on degraded lands of Govt. Farms. • To facilitate Public Private Partnership provision of 1.00 crore has been made. contd……..

  27. Agenda-3 Contd.. • An expert group has been setup to recommend Bio-fuel strategy for the State. • Special Programme for land reclamation through- • Bhoomi Sena Yojna (Rs. 100 crore allocated for 2006-07 compared to Rs. 40 crore in 2005-06), • U.P. Sodic Land Reclamation Projects • RIDF Schemes. • About 2 lakh ha area brought in productive fold under various schemes. • Implementation of ATMA in all 70 districts. • 52027 progressive farmers being trained under Kisan Mitra Yojna. • Kisan Sahayak have been deployed in each Nyay Panchayat. • Establishment of 1700 e-Choupals through ITC & over 350 Haryali & Tata Kisan Sansar centers promoted through Private Sector . For Detail For Detail

  28. Agenda-3 contd… Completion of On-going Irrigation Project • Budget allocation raised from Rs. 2551 crore to 3302 crore (30% rise) • 26 irrigation projects were initiated during 9th FYP. • 11 projects completed by the end of 9th FYP irrigation potential to the tune of 8.78 lakh hectares created. • Out of 15 remaining projects, the status is- • Only 2 projects namely Ban Sagar Nahar Pariyojana & Modernization of Lahchura head & are proposed for completion in 11th FYP. • Fund requirements of the on-going projects is being met under AIBP.

  29. Agenda-3 contd… Availability of Power • Average availability of power in rural areas of the state is 8-10 hrs. per day. • State has taken steps to augment the power generation by establishing 6 projects (Dadri, Rosa Power, Srinagar, Vishnuprayag, Chola & Anpara-C) in private sector for 7070 MW and 3 projects in State sector for generation of 1820 MW. • The state has envisaged to augment the power generation to the level of 11029 MW by the year 2010-11. • More than Two-fold increase in budgetary allocation- from Rs. 1988 crore in 2005-06 to Rs. 4196 crore in 2006-07.

  30. Agenda-4 Crop Diversification • DASP-II is going to be operational during 2006-11 to address the agricultural productivity and product diversity. • Department of Agriculture is now pursuing inclusion of medicinal plants in the existing cropping pattern in the state through State Medicinal Plants Board(62 projects submitted to Central Medicinal Plant Board). • Under ISOPOM thrust is being given to extend the coverage of situation specific oil seed and pulse crops. • State Horticulture Mission has been launched in selected 26 districts.

  31. Agenda-4 contd… Status of State Horticulture Mission • 26 District Horticulture Mission Societies registered under Society Registration Act 21, 1860. • 2 meetings of executive council of State Horticulture Mission held- appointment of Mission Director, formation of TSG etc. done. • An amount of Rs. 3540.25 lakh sanction as first and second installment by Government of India. • Training of 5200 beneficiaries is under way in first phase. • Rejuvenation\ productivity improvement programme in old orchards has been included in the mission activities.

  32. Agenda-5 Strengthening of Agriculture Extension Network • G.O. issued to form ATMA in all 70 Districts. • Formation of IDWG at the State level. • SIMA, Rehmankhera has been identified as SAMETI. • State nodal officer designated. • District Extension Work Plan and State Extension Work Plan prepared and submitted to GOI. • Two day workshop to orient the field level officers organized. • G.O. issued for formation of State, District and Block level committees. • Training of Resource Persons completed.

  33. Agenda-5 Contd..

  34. Agenda-6 Marketing Reforms 1) Amendment in APMC Act • The following farmer / market friendly amendments are under consideration:- • Alternative Marketing Systems • Direct Bulk Purchase facility. • Special Agrimarts. • Special Economic Zone Units. • Wholesale Trading Cum Distribution Centers. • Contract Farming Arrangements • Modernization of existing Mandis contd.

  35. Agenda-6 Contd.. • Branded Agri Export • Promotion of Nawab Brand Mango & Taj Brand Potato • 3) Noida Flower Auction Center (FAC) • Will be operational by the end of this year. • 4)About 2.00 lakh MT foodgrains procured through private agencies in 2004-05.

  36. Risk Management Agenda-7 Performance of Crop Insurance *Claims will be settled after estimation of crop damages.

  37. Agenda-7 contd…. Crop Insurance (Rs. in crore) *Claims will be settled after estimation of crop damages.

  38. Some Issues For Consideration of GOI • Reduction of interest rate on agricultural credit from prevailing 10 to 11 % to 6% or provision of subsidy on interest. • Help in obtaining DAP in time, co-ordinate with Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers and Railways in price fixation in time and transportation. • Introduce 50% subsidy on drip & sprinkler irrigation system for all crops including sugarcane. • Co-ordination with ICAR to help identify appropriate varieties/planting material available in other country and facilitate their availability to the states. • Enhancement of subsidy on seed from prevailing Rs. 200/- per q. to Rs. 325/ per q. • Introduced a system of validation of quality and price of hybrid seeds and rationalize subsidy structure for hybrid seeds. • Generous outlay for establishing micro nutrients testing labs and mobile soil testing labs. • Co-ordinate with Department of Rural Development for funding of soil conservation works so that more money is made available for other activities.

  39. Thank You

  40. Bhoomi Sena Yojana- Launched in Oct 2005with the objective to bring problematic soils under productive fold. • Active participation of ‘Bhoomi Sainiks’ i.e. land allottees, small & marginal farmers and land less labourers is ensured. • All the 70 districts are covered to treat 1.0 lakh problem areas by 2007-08. • The project outlay is Rs. 99.37 crore. Back

  41. Natural Resource Management Schemes upto Jan. 2006 Back

  42. Fund Utilization under Centrally Sponsored & Centre Sector Schemes (Rs. In Lakh) Total Fund Recd. From State Govt. Rs. 24482.00 Lakh Fund Utilized Rs.18796.00 i.e. (73%)