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  1. ORGANIZATIONS Funding for education can become expensive in the present day. Organization such as Adopt-A-Classroom were created to lend a hand on supplying the needs of a classroom. Donations and sponsors are placed for schools in need of supplies due to a decrease in budgeting. With the advanced learning techniques of the modern day, organizations play a major role in education.

  2. 5 Years In 5 years education can dramatically change due to the rise in technology. New devices are being introduced to the world every day. This can change the way of teaching and learning. Advanced technology leads to faster and easier ways of learning. Visual aids have transformed from blackboards to dry eraser boards to screens and tablets. Teachers can research and find lesson plans more effectively and students can process a new wave of education.

  3. Technology • In today’s modern world of technology, education is expanding beyond the walls of a classroom. Technology helps teachers with different learning objectives and boosts children’s achievements. Computers, tablets and wireless devices can now replace books and libraries to help children succeed with education at an easy convenience . Modern technology plays a big role in education today and the future in many ways.

  4. BUDGET • Budgets for education are passed down by the state. The board of the schools break down this budget to where classrooms need It most. The budget for education is minimizing each year. The public can participate in volunteering in local school boards so they can have a say in the budget whereabouts. Budgets will increase with the rise of technology needed in schools today. communities can be hands on with this matter and help the future of education one day at a time.

  5. Funding Funds for education can come from various areas. The state has a required budget that gets passed down to the board. The board decides how the budget is spent. Organizations for funding are created to help keep up with modern technology that can be used in classrooms today. many teachers come out of their own pockets just to try to keep up with the necessary supplies needed to make a classroom functional.

  6. Classroom concept in 5 years

  7. The Future I would like to see students more hands on with education and technology. Early education can benefit more with modern technology such as tablets, wireless devices and visual skill building. Tablets and laptops are currently taking over notebooks and textbooks. This also saves the environment and makes more room in the budget in replace of supplying textbooks . Students can also benefit by make up lost class time with links for assignments and never being behind in work.

  8. Preparing for the Future Organizations need to prepare for the changes the future brings. Budgets are already hard to meet in the present day. If the budgets are not made for the standards of learning that the future brings, the advanced way of learning will be on standby. Educators can still teach the way teaching is done today. Advancing with technology not only makes learning easier. It makes teaching easier. Everyone needs to make the steps necessary to prepare for what the future brings.