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Welcome. Unit 5 Book II. MUSIC. How many different kinds of music do you know?. Pop music. Classical music. Blue music. Orchestra. rock. Rap. Folk music. Country music. Jazz. Light music. Choral. Look at the pictures

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How many different kinds of

music do you know?

Pop music

Classical music

Blue music




Folk music

Country music


Light music


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Look at the pictures

and enjoy the music, please.

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Listen to the following music.

Try to tell which kind of instruments

they are played with.







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Discuss And Answer

1.What kind of music do you like better, Chinese or Western,

classical or mondern? Why?

2.How does music make you feel?

3.Why do you like to listen to music?

4.Have you heard about any of the famous bands in the world?

5.Do you know anything about ``The Monkees’’?

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Let’s answer the questions:

1. What are Mary and Rik talking about ?

They are discussing the plans for a party in

the company.

2. What music will be played at the end of the

party ?

Some songs that everyone’s familiar with.

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  • 3. What kind of music will they have at the

  • beginning?_____

  • Jazz. B. Fairly quiet and peaceful music.

  • C. Modern music. D. Rock’n’roll

  • 4. How many musicians will join in the party?

  • It’s not mentioned. B. Many

  • C. No musician at all. D. 7

  • 5. Which of the following is true ?

  • Rik’s favorite music is pop music.

  • Rik can play the guitar.

  • Jazz violin is easy.

  • They will have some jazz to start with.

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