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Japanese Annual Events

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Japanese Annual Events - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Japanese Annual Events. 日本の年中ぎょうじ. おもな ぎょうじ. おしょうがつ ( oshoogatsu). New Year’s Holiday For the Japanese people the New Year’s holiday is the most important of all the annual celebrations. せつぶん ( setsubun). Bean-Throwing Ceremony

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japanese annual events

Japanese Annual Events


  • New Year’s Holiday
  • For the Japanese people the New Year’s holiday is the most important of all the annual celebrations.
  • Bean-Throwing Ceremony
  • The day before the beginning of spring (old Japanese calendar). Japanese people throw roasted soy beans to drive away ONI(bad luck).
  • Girl’s Day Festival
  • This festival is held to pray for the girl’s growth and happiness.
  • Children’s Day
  • (Tango no Sekku)
  • In olden times, this festival was held to pray for the boy’s growth, happiness, and success.
  • Now, all children are celebrated for their growth and happiness on this day.
  • Star Festival

(Japanese and Chinese beliefs)

  • On July 7th, people write their wishes on the colored paper strips and attach them to the bamboo branches.
(お)ぼん (obon)
  • Bon Festival
  • (Buddhist event)
  • This festival is held from August 13th through 15th.
  • It is dedicated to the spirits of ancestors.
  • Also, around this time many places hold bon odori (Japanese folk dance).
shichi go san
  • ( 7-5-3 Festival)
  • This celebration is for 3 and 5 year old boys and for 3 and 7 year old girls.
  • Parents take their sons and daughters to a shrine to pray for their health and growth.
  • Children receive special candy called “Chitose ame.”