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Japanese Food

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Japanese Food - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Japanese Food. By Alexander R. Cotter Tyler Bathbun & A.J. Beltran. Sushi. Sushi is NOT raw fish Its rice. Types of sushi. nigiri sushi ; a hand formed ball of rice topped with your choice of fish or Japanese style egg omelets. 

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Japanese Food

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    1. Japanese Food By Alexander R. Cotter Tyler Bathbun & A.J. Beltran

    2. Sushi • Sushi is NOT raw fish • Its rice

    3. Types of sushi • nigiri sushi ; a hand formed ball of rice topped with your choice of fish or Japanese style egg omelets.  • maki sushi; This type of sushi is rolled with a filling in the centre, usually with nori wrapped on the outside • Chirashi sushi; This is a bed of sushi rice topped with assorted ingredients. 

    4. Sushi is a vary popular import food, loved by many. It is a dish of rolled rice cooked with vinegar. It is usually toped with a vegetable, or fish, raw or cooked. It comes in three major types; Nigeria sushi, maki sushi and Chirashi sushi.

    5. Japanese Rice By: Tyler Rathbun

    6. Uses of Japanese Rice • In Japan rice has many uses. Here are a few of them.

    7. Rice Cakes • Rice cakes are Traditionally eaten on new years. And are used in soups of wrapped in sea weed.

    8. Rice Vinegar • Rice vinegar is used for salad dressings and for preparing sushi rice.

    9. Rice Wine • Mainly consists of water and rice. • Is generally called sake, and drank either hot of cold.

    10. Traditional Japanese Foods • Mainly ate fresh fish ,rice, and vegetables • ingredients varied depending on season. • food appeased to stomach and eye. • Ingredients always fresh.

    11. Modern Japanese Foods • Consists of more meat. • Common dishes are actually imported. • Ingredients still fresh. • Ingredients cooked separately to preserve natural flavor and texture. • Food is eaten with chopsticks

    12. Book excerpt • The Japanese coastline 16,500 miles. • 1970’s: Japan hit hard, international laws governing fishing rights within 200 miles country. • Later signed agreements with neighboring countries for fishing rights. • Types of fish: Herring, Sardines, Tuna, Bream, Cuttlefish, and Squid

    13. The end