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Indian Semi Classical Music PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian Semi Classical Music

Indian Semi Classical Music

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Indian Semi Classical Music

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  1. Call Us 832-875-4139 Call Us 832-875-4139 Welcome to Riyaaz Qawwali

  2. About Riyaaz Qawwali The art of qawwali, as with most of the great Asian musical and literary tra-ditions, is transmitted orally ... The vehicle of music is used to bring one closer to the experience of the inner truth. Riyaaz qawwal will dwell on certain words to give them a wider context creating great depth in the apparently simple language ... He will often repeat a phrase or sentence indicating both the obvious and hidden content by empha-sizing or ruminating upon particular words and syllables, taking the audi-ence into the discovery of hitherto obscure meanings. Thus, mundane objects are embued with deeper mean-ing — a spinning wheel becomes the wheel of life. Qawwali is a venerable yet refreshing musical tradition that dates back to the late 13th century. The word qaul refers to an "utterance (of the prophet)" and the first Qawwals (qawwali artists) repeated these qauls by making them the subject matter of their qawwalis.

  3. Indian Semi Classical Listen to Indian Semi Classical music such as Qawwali, Ghazal, Bhajan, Sufi songs etc. from Riyaaz Qawwali Group. They have organized many classical music events in different countries. Checkout Riyaaz Qawwali’s album Online.

  4. The Experiment Qawwalis are far lengthier than a typical modern song. They average 15 minutes, with the longest single track being on the upwards of 70 minutes! Audiences today are used to listening to short pieces. The Experiment aims to bridge the gap. The effort will also introduce modern musical elements, traditionally not heard in qawwali. The purpose: to give these compositions a similar texture to what is found in pop music today. While, we will not abandoning the traditional elements of qawwali (like harmonium, clapping, tabla-dhamma, etc.), the modern elements will be used to enhance the pieces.

  5. The first track: Shahbaaz Qalandar- an essential piece to every successful qawwali concert. The Riyaaz Experiment version will highlight the dhamaal (the tabla solo), which is the most important part of the composition. The second track: Man Laagyo- a new composition using Saint Kabir's lyrics. In this piece, we take two elements from Punjabi devotional and folk music: chimta to musically represent the wandering Saint Kabir and singing the chorus an octave higher like shabad kirtan.

  6. Educational Tours In collaboration with museums and academic institutions, Riyaaz Qawwali ensemble plans state/regional tours showcasing qawwali across several cities. The goals of this initiative are to: •showcase the qawwali musical heritage •experience an authentic and traditional performance with English commentary •explore the poetry often used in the qawwali genre •understand the cultural context of this and other under- represented folk art forms of South Asia •shed new perspective on the philosophies and literary themes prevalent in India and Pakistan

  7. Completed Tours: Completed Tours: New York New York - - November 2014. November 2014. This included concerts at both Columbia University and Princeton University. Lost Angeles Lost Angeles- - June 2015. June 2015. This included concerts at The Live Oak Festival in Santa Barbara. New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland- - October 2015. included the Richmond Folk Festival, Richmond Elementary School, Colgate University, a residency at Lafayette College and other public performances. New York New York- - March 2016. March 2016. This included a University of Rochester engagements and concert at The Garrison Institute. California California- - April 2016. April 2016. This included concerts at the prominent Getty Museum in LA. Louisiana Louisiana- - April 2016. April 2016. This includes concerts at the Festival International de Louisiane. New York, New Jersey New York, New Jersey- - August 2016. August 2016. This includes public and benefit concerts. Ohio Ohio- - October 2016. October 2016. This includes a University engagement. Florida Florida- - March 2017. March 2017. This includes University engagements and public concerts. October 2015. This

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