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Classical music

Classical music. Lucia Petrikovicova – leader , Jozef Halaj , Radka Bohacikova. music?  Do you know?. W hat  is classical . Classical music. Lucia. - one of the oldest musical styles - The symphony orchestra The major time divisions of

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Classical music

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  1. Classicalmusic Lucia Petrikovicova – leader, Jozef Halaj, Radka Bohacikova

  2. music?  Do you know? What is classical

  3. Classicalmusic Lucia -one of the oldest musical styles -The symphony orchestra The major time divisions of classical music are the early music period,

  4. which includes: Medieval (500–1400) and Renaissance (1400–1600), the Common practice period, which includes the Baroque (1600–1750), Classical (1750–1830) and Romantic (1815–1910) periods, and the modern and contemporary period, which includes 20th century (1900–2000) Lucia

  5. Dodko Baroque Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (4 March 1678 – 28 July 1741) - the greatest Baroque composer Vivaldi is known mainly forcomposing instrumental concertos, especially for the violin, as well as sacred choral works and over 40 operas. -The Red Priest" His best worr are:-Four seasons: it is a set of four violin concertos -The texture of each concerto is varied

  6. F a r i n e l l i Carlo Broschi 24. január 1705, Andria – † 15. júl 1782, Bologna

  7. -Undergonea castration -When he was fifteen years old-He made his famousname - TourEurope -Musictherapy -Royalfavourite Farinelliwas celebrated Italian castrato singer of the 18th century and one of the greatest singers in the history of opera.

  8. Radka Impressionism Joseph-Maurice Ravel (March 7, 1875 – December 28, 1937) He disliked the overtly religious themes of other composers- Bolero- Ravel wrote two piano concertos: frst was for Paul Wittgensteinsecond - When Ravel was 24........Pavanefor a dead princess -Who was this dead princess?Ravel always assured listeners that the title was nothing more than a fancy of his, that he imagined the tune to be "a slow Spanish dance to which a little princess may once have danced."

  9. Impressionism Gabriel UrbainFauré (12 May 1845– 4 November 1924) -one of the foremost French composers of his generation, and his musical style influenced many 20th-century composers. -Pavane, Requiem. -Debussy's Passepied in his Suite bergamasque -Ravel's Pavane pour uneinfantedéfunte.

  10. Dodko Modernorchestralmusic Craig Armstrong (born 29 April 1959) -the Royal Academy of Music from 1977 to 1981-Royal Shakespeare Company -He has collaborated with many profesionals....for example: U2,Madonna,Pavarottietc...-many awards

  11. Dodko Escape One of the most popular tracks composed by Armstrong He has more worldhearded tracks like Weather Storm this love and so on...

  12. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi Joseph-MauriceRavel Farinelli-CarloBroschi Gabriel UrbainFauré CraigArmstrong

  13. Wethankforyourattention ! Lucia Radka Dodko

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