wear a scrub get a career youth ministers orientation l.
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Wear a Scrub…Get a Career Youth Ministers Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Wear a Scrub…Get a Career Youth Ministers Orientation

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Wear a Scrub…Get a Career Youth Ministers Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wear a Scrub…Get a Career Youth Ministers Orientation. Mission of the Project. Inspire young people to pursue a health career. Widen their horizons…more health careers than nurse or doctor. Connect the dots from school to career. Address disparities in health care workforce.

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Wear a Scrub…Get a Career Youth Ministers Orientation

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mission of the project
Mission of the Project
  • Inspire young people to pursue a health career.
  • Widen their horizons…more health careers than nurse or doctor.
  • Connect the dots from school to career.
  • Address disparities in health care workforce.
  • Reaching middle school is Prime Time.

Congratulations!!!You are part of a pilot project funded by the Office of Health Equity, Department of Health and developed by the Hirtzel Institute of Mercyhurst College North East.

Please follow the script. Feedback from both you and the students is vital so we can refine the kit.

The project is also supported by PartnerSHIP, AHEC, Highmark, and Emergycare.

kit components
Kit Components
  • Scrubs that feature six careers with career ladders:
    • Paramedic
    • Physical Therapist
    • Nurse
    • Medical Lab Technologist
    • Respiratory Therapist
    • Occupational Therapist

Each in different color scrub. Describes the career on the back.

  • Health Career Explorer’s Guide
  • Awareness Bracelet:
  • Health Careers Heal: Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Student Feedback Evaluation Form
the program one day event
The Program: One Day Event
  • Based on three hour event
    • 2:50 minutes in activities; 10 minutes budgeted for transitions.
  • Four activities
      • Healing Ministry of Health Care: Messages from Bible Passages (30 m)
      • Mind, Body, Spirit Exercise with exchange of Awareness Wristbands (45 m)
      • Morning Report Care Plan: Nikkea’s Case (60 m)
      • Top Ten Ways to Prepare for a Health Career: Your Number Eleven (35 m)
  • Newsprint
  • Pencils or pens for every attendee
  • Multi-color Markers
  • Masking Tape
  • Enough room where students can break out into groups of 6 to 8.
  • Adults to act as facilitators to each work group.
  • Walls for students to tape their newsprint responses.
  • Distribute kits by Scrub SIZE making sure each occupation is evenly distributed. (Students can trade scrubs later if they want another career).
healing ministry bible passages activity
Healing and tending to the sick is taught throughout the bible.

Four passages are cited with questions to prompt discussion on each.

30 minute activity

15 minute in work group

15 minute to share/feedback to all attendees.

Break up students into

groups of five or six.

Assign each group a passage.

They pick a person to write answers on news print.

They choose two of the

questions & come up with answers. (15 m).

Each group presents their answers to entire group of attendees.(15 minutes).

Youth Minister wraps-up & identifies themes.

Healing Ministry & Bible PassagesActivity
mind body spirit activity page 1
Our healthcare system is specialized & focuses on “body parts.” Causes people to feel dispirited.

45 minute activity

Full group exercise

Use newsprint to show answers.

Students can use Notes Page in their Guide

Ask youth to identify health problems that they know their grandparents or parents have.

You have a list of 14 likely conditions in the Guide to prompt youth.

List their ideas on newsprint. Leave a space next to it to go back and fill in the kind of doctor to treat that condition. (10 minutes)

Now ask them to identify the kind of doctor that treats each problem.

If they don’t know, every condition is matched by a specialty in your Guide.

Write their answers next to the condition in different color marker

(10 minutes)

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity (Page 1)
mind body spirit activity page 2
Once the list is completed with the specialists, tell students that the average older person has at least three health conditions. Ask them:

What problems could this cause? (Such as keeping appointments, driving there, being prescribed different pills.) (5 minutes)

One older person said, “I just feel like a bunch of body parts. Nobody treats ALL of me.” Discuss how this person must feel. Why?

(5 minutes)

“Well being” isn’t just about being physically and mentally well…it also means the spirit is well.

Read this parable & ask youth to discuss what it means: (10 minutes)

“A happy heart does well like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity (Page 2)
mind body spirit activity page 3
Mind, Body, Spirit Activity (Page 3)
  • At the end of the discussion, reinforce the message that entering a health career is blessed work and that they are helping people heal Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Ask each youth to take out the awareness wristband in their kit and place it on a partner’s wrist.
  • If you know of a spiritual or popular song for students to sing to reinforce the message, now would be a nice time to do so. (5 minutes)
morning report care plan page 1
Morning Report Care Plan (Page 1)
  • Prepare yourself by reading over the Care Plan Directions and the Health Career Occupation descriptions in the student guide.
  • Ask students to take out their scrub from their kit and read the back of it. They should also look up the corresponding health occupation in their Guide. (5 minutes to study their occupation).
  • Now they can put on their scrub. Let them know that if they want to trade scrubs with each other for another career after the event, they can. But right now their job is to represent the career on their scrub.
morning report care plan page 2
The goal of this activity is to:

Familiarize youth with a health career.

Get them to apply the skills of their career to a case.

Show them how they must work as a team in health care.

The activity lasts 60 minutes

Read out loud Nikkea’s case.

Break up into groups (6 to 9)of at least one of each profession in every group.

They are to fill in the chart in their Guidebook as a group & individually:

Identify the occupation(s) & what they can do to treat Nikkea’s problem.

Let them know they can use their Guide to look up answers.

Your chart has all of the answers. Make copies for other adult facilitators for each group so they can give youth suggestions.

(25 minutes)

Morning Report Care Plan (Page 2)
morning report care plan page 3
Morning Report Care Plan (Page 3)
  • Now ask the students to break out into groups that only represent their occupation.
  • Lead the discussion by going over each of the 12 problems listed on your chart. Turn to each occupational group and ask them what they came up with to treat Nikkea.(25 min for all 11 problems)
  • Focus on the last problem – did everyone treat her “Spirit?” (5 min) Answers are in your Guide.
preparing for a health career 1
Preparing for a Health Career (1)
  • “Live what you represent…embrace a healthy lifestyle.”
    • Review the health facts among minorities in your Guide. Then discuss: (15 m)
      • Health disparities among minorities: connect with lifestyle behaviors, lack of access to care, underinsured or no insurance & few minorities in health care occupations.
      • Does healthy behavior at their age, matter? (Discuss, see last bullet for answer).
preparing for a health career 2
Go over Top Ten List – ask them to come up with a Number Eleven. Place on newsprint. (5 m)

Ask them what was the most surprising thing they learned about health care today? (5m)

Hand out their Feedback form to fill out and collect! (5m)

Close with a prayer and/or song. (5m)

Total: 35 minute activity.

Preparing for a Health Career (2)

Contact:Dr.Linda Rhodes, DirectorHirtzel Institute Health Education & Aginglrhodes@mercyhurst.eduPhone: 610-296-9523

Logistics: Contact Elaine Stanton at (814) 454-7530

Email: divineconnection1@verizon.net