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DRESS for SUCCESS. For: The Internship Class By: Janice Valle- WBL Coordinator. You will Learn:. First impressions What to wear What not to wear Personal Hygiene Grooming. Do You Know? True or False. #1 -You can lose a job opportunity by a first impression

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dress for success


For: The Internship Class

By: Janice Valle- WBL Coordinator

you will learn
You will Learn:
  • First impressions
  • What to wear
  • What not to wear
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Grooming
do you know true or false
Do You Know? True or False
  • #1-You can lose a job opportunity by a first impression
  • #2-You can wear anything you want to your job interview
  • #3-Wearing too much perfume is not a good choice on your job interview
  • #4-Brushing your teeth and combing your hair may help you get that job
  • #5-You can wear your best flip flops to an interview
first impressions
First Impressions
  • The first introduction is your appearance
  • Your attire sets the tone of the interview
  • Create a positive first impression
  • Dress for a competitive edge
what to wear men ladies
What To Wear Men Ladies

Dark suit or sport coat and slacks

White long sleeved dress shirt

Polished dress shoes

Matching belt

Tie if possible

Dark business suit w/skirt or slacks

Light colored blouse

Low heeled shoes

Blazer if no suit

Natural shade


what not to wear
What Not to Wear
  • Sporty, revealing, or dressy clothes
  • Heavy perfume/cologne
  • Excessive jewelry
  • Casual shoes or flip flops
  • Heavy makeup
  • Wild nail designs
  • Wild hairdo
personal hygiene
Personal Hygiene
  • Bath or shower
  • No body odor
  • Clean hair
  • Clean and trimmed fingernails
  • Brushed teeth, fresh breath
  • Neat hair
  • Clean and pressed clothes
  • Clean/polished shoes
  • Light makeup/nail polish-ladies
  • Light perfume/cologne
  • Minimal jewelry
final check
Final Check
  • Before interview check the mirror
  • Make sure you look confident
  • Have your resume in a folder
  • No candy, gum, or objects in mouth
  • #1- Is it ok to chew gum during a job interview?
  • #2- Would it show you want the job when you dress in sweatpants?
  • #3- Could you get a job by a first positive impression?
  • #4- If you have body odor do you think you will get the job?
  • #5- Will you show more confidence looking well put together?
  • Remember the first impression
  • Wear the appropriate clothing
  • Smell good, look good
  • Feel confident
answers t f
Answers- T&F
  • #1-True
  • #2-False
  • #3-True
  • #4-True
  • #5-False
answers q a
  • #1- No
  • #2- No
  • #3- Yes
  • #4- No
  • #5- Yes
  • Research the listed resources
  • Prepare an outline of how you would prepare yourself for a job interview
  • Or you may share your experiences preparing for a job interview
  • Bring it into our next class for class discussion
  • Pay attention to details on your outline
  • Be creative- add a photo, etc.
  • Books:
    • Quintessential Careers: Dress for Success Books:books for making a first great impression
  • Web Sites:
    • SYMS Dress to Achieve: a career site created to help you with the basics of proper job interview attire
    • CareerGear:a non-profit organization
need help
Need Help?


talk to me

I can help you

Janice Valle

Your WBL Coordinator