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“Europe Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Europe Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market”

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“Europe Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market”
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“Europe Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market”

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  1. MicroMarket Monitor World’s 1st Real Time Market Intelligence Forecasts Europe Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market is Expected to Reach $17,022.7 Million in 2018 http://www.micromarketmonitor.com/market/europe-nitrogenous-fertilizers-4553024243.html

  2. The market is estimated to grow from around $15,137.8 million in 2013 to $17,022.7 million by 2018, at a CAGR of 2.4% from 2013 to 2018. • Key players in the Europe Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market are Yara Downstream, EuroChem Nitrogen, & others.” http://www.micromarketmonitor.com/market/europe-nitrogenous-fertilizers-4553024243.html

  3. Browse through the market data tables, figures and detailed ToCon • “Europe Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market” • http://www.micromarketmonitor.com/market/europe-nitrogenous-fertilizers-4553024243.html Enquiry Before Buying http://www.micromarketmonitor.com/market/europe-nitrogenous-fertilizers-4553024243.html

  4. Within the EU, nitrogenous fertilizers are applied to agricultural soils mainly in the form of ammonium nitrate. Nitrogen in commercial fertilizers is particularly soluble. This facilitates uptake by crops, but also makes them vulnerable to run-off after heavy rainfall and results in accumulation into groundwater. • Nitrogen fertilizers have traditionally been favored by farmers in Europe as it is best suited to its topography and climate. France is the biggest consumer of nitrogenous fertilizers among the European region. In Germany, the Nitrates Directive has been implemented, which sets detailed and precise legal requirements for good agricultural practices with regards to the application of nitrogenous fertilizers. • France is a major market, acquiring 20.5% of the total market revenue in the year 2013. Spain is an emerging market in the European nitrogenous fertilizer industry.This market is segmented and forecasted on the basis of types of nitrogenous fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), ammonia, and others. http://www.micromarketmonitor.com/market/europe-nitrogenous-fertilizers-4553024243.html

  5. It is also segmented on the basis of application, such as grains and cereals, fruits and vegetables, and others. The market is further segmented and forecasted on the basis of major countries, such as France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, and others. • This report also includes the market share, supply chain and value chain analyses, and market metrics such as drivers and restraints. In addition, it presents a competitive landscape and company profiles of key players in the market including major companies in the European nitrogenous fertilizer market. http://www.micromarketmonitor.com/market/europe-nitrogenous-fertilizers-4553024243.html

  6. MicroMarket Monitor identifies and attends to various unmet needs of different industrial verticals, which include value chain impact analysis. The company publishes about 12000 Market Research Reports on various Micro Markets across the world. The graphical nature and multidimensional analysis of these reports provide advanced Business Intelligence Tools to the clients in that particular target market. • This report also includes market share, value chain analyses, along with market metrics such as drivers & restraints. In addition, it presents a competitive landscape and company profiles of the key players in the market http://www.micromarketmonitor.com/market/europe-nitrogenous-fertilizers-4553024243.html

  7. About MicroMarket Monitor • About MicroMarket Monitor • MicroMarketMonitorprovides deep dive insight into 5000 granular markets along with the updates. The MMM Reports are uniquely differentiated by its ecosystem analysis (value chain) analysis for each granular market. It provides pictorial methodology along with the market sizing at each market capturing all dependent markets (demand side), macro indicators (demand side), and supplyside company data.The Report Plots all the dependent cascaded market with their growth/slow down indicators, which influences revenues of the targeted market. The report provides you competitive landscape, competitive profile along with the competitive SWOT analysis. The report also provides Customer landscape identifying the top customers for the target market. It plots market landscape of the technologies, ingredients, vendors servicing the target market including the cannibalization of the prevailingtechnologies/products. http://www.micromarketmonitor.com/market/europe-nitrogenous-fertilizers-4553024243.html

  8. Contact Us Mr. Chandrasekhar K.UNIT no 802, Tower No. 7, SEZMagarpatta City, HadapsarPune, Maharashtra 411013,IndiaTel: +1-888-502-0539Email: sales@micromarketmonitor.comConnect with us on LinkedIn @http://www.linkedin.com/company/micromarketmonitor