the iowa delinquency assessment tool n.
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The Iowa Delinquency Assessment Tool

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The Iowa Delinquency Assessment Tool - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Iowa Delinquency Assessment Tool. By Candice Bennett, Chief Juvenile Court Officer Sixth Judicial District. Goal of the Iowa Juvenile Court.

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the iowa delinquency assessment tool

The Iowa Delinquency Assessment Tool

By Candice Bennett,

Chief Juvenile Court Officer

Sixth Judicial District

goal of the iowa juvenile court
Goal of the Iowa Juvenile Court
  • Juvenile Court Services in Iowa is actively working to ensure that all youth who are referred to Juvenile Court Services receive the most effective intervention possible, given the individualized risks and needs of any particular youth.
recent years
Recent Years
  • an intensive effort to implement programs recommended by the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Model Program Guide
  • Best Practice programs
    • Programs that work to reduce delinquent behavior
    • Improve client functioning
iowa delinquency assessment tool or ida
Iowa Delinquency Assessment Tool or IDA
  • State-Wide
  • Evidence-based
  • Risk and Needs assessment tool
history of ida
History of IDA
  • Based on the Washington Risk/Needs Assessment tool
    • Washington
    • New York
    • Illinois
    • Florida
    • Utah
    • North Dakota
    • California
use of the ida
Use of The IDA
  • Describe in detail the types of youth we are serving by systemically collecting social information
  • Assess the youth’s level of risk
  • Direct the youth to appropriate services
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the services our youth are receiving
  • Allows JCS & Providers to use a common language in talking about youth and their families
what is the risk principle
What is the Risk Principle?
  • It states:
    • Target those offenders with a higher probability of recidivism.
    • Provide most intensive treatment to higher risk offenders.
    • Intensive treatment for lower risk offenders can increase recidivism.
aggression replacement therapy
Aggression Replacement Therapy
  • Pilot program for girls teaches:
    • Self-efficacy
    • Skills needed to keep girls from “sticking” to a criminal lifestyle
ida form types
IDA-Form Types
  • Short Form
    • Used to determine level of involvement with the Juvenile Court System
      • Low Risk
      • Moderate Risk
      • High Risk
    • Provides continuity across all of Iowa
ida form types1
IDA- Form Types
  • Long Form
    • Twelve Domains
      • Previous Charges, Demographics, School, Use of Free Time, Employment, Relationships, Family, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Attitudes/Behaviors, Aggression, and Skills
    • Mapping
      • Focused Intervention
revising the ida
Revising the IDA
  • Authors of the tool encourage continual refinement and improvement of the assessment tool
  • There will be changes to the tool as research becomes available