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Delinquency. By:Moises Rodriguez,Micaela Ibarcena , Luis Alberto Sanchez,Naomi Guedez. Concepts of delinquency.

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  1. Delinquency By:MoisesRodriguez,MicaelaIbarcena, Luis Alberto Sanchez,NaomiGuedez

  2. Concepts of delinquency • When somebody acts against the Law. This behaviour affects the social order because society must lives according to the rules. These rueles are the laws. But is important to understand that delinquency refers only the violation of certain laws, which are called penal laws. If you violate civil laws, you are not a delinquent. In Perú, there is a Penal Code that describes every conduct that is considered a CRIME or a FELONY. Only if the conduct is equal as the described act, you can talk about delinquency. If you are violating another kind of law, for example a civil or a family law, your behaviour is not a crime or felony but still ilegal.

  3. Types of Delinquency • In a smaller and more personal sense, so are our families. Gangs, drugs, reckless sexual practices, and violence have taken footholds in our communities and represent increasing threats to the health and safety of our children.

  4. DelinquencyGrafic

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