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Cars in video games

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Cars in video games

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  1. Cars In Video Games

  2. For as long as I can remember I played video games.

  3. When I was younger it didn’t matter what the game was I wanted to drive a car.

  4. So, naturally my favorite types of games are racing games.

  5. On my 8th birthday my dad bought me the game Gran Turismo.

  6. I still remember it to this day, opening the case and putting the disc into my playstation.

  7. After I started the game up I would get lost for hours just driving all the different cars trying each one of them in all the different races.

  8. The simulation in the game was outstanding I was just amazed how many cars there were and they looked exactly like the ones in real life.

  9. Hearing about Gran Turismo 2 releasing soon I thought to myself, I have to have it.

  10. Putting so many hours into the original Gran Turismo it was only logical that I would want the 2nd one.

  11. Once I played Gran Turismo 2 and noticed it was better than the first, I knew I was hooked.

  12. Becoming older I started playing some other games like Grand Theft Auto.

  13. Except Grand Theft Auto wasn’t focused about racing cars they were more focused on stealing them instead.

  14. Many video games today have cars in them, but the cars just serve different purposes.

  15. Gran Turismo Cars

  16. There have since been 6 main Gran Turismo games released since the original Gran Turismo back in 1997.

  17. The game appealed to so many people due to the significantly better graphics at the time along with a large number of licensed cars within the game.

  18. The driving physics and the ability to tune and upgrade your car also put the game above the rest.

  19. Gran Turismo has even been used by Sony to test their consoles and see what the system’s potential is.

  20. With Gran Turismo 7 being announced to

  21. Grand Theft Auto Cars

  22. Grand Theft Auto is basically a game of “chaos”.

  23. It is an open world game where you can choose to do missions to progress the story for the game or you can just run around and steal cars if you want.

  24. For some people the game is a way to have fun stealing a car and driving around doing whatever you feel like, while for some other people it is a bad message that is being sent to kids.

  25. There will always be some controversy, but the following for the game is just too big to shut it down.

  26. Future Cars Of Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto

  27. Grand Theft Auto has recently released their newest game and it has been upgraded with many new models of cars that are unique or just replicas of classic real world cars.

  28. As for Gran Turismo, Sony has just recently announced that Gran Turismo 7 will release sometime in 2016 or 2017 with a whole new set of cars to try out.

  29. You know there will be some diehard fans like me getting pumped up.

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