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  1. Welcome

  2. Outcomes and key themes • Transition to university study • Your course structure • Choosing your electives • Enrolling online • Taking responsibility for your learning • Seeking help when you need it • Getting involved

  3. I’m in Monash Art & Design What now?

  4. Twelve steps of enrolment 1. Accepting your offer 2. Registration for your computer access 3. Find out about your course structure 4. Choosing elective units for course structure which permit this option 5. Complete your enrolment via the WES 6. Attend enrolment 7. Get your Student ID card 8. Fees (no payment on the day) 9. Timetable 10. Tutorials – Allocate + 11. Reading lists, unit guides, equipment list, and books 12. Changing your enrolment.

  5. Computer access You must organise your Monash computer account. To do this, go to: and select ‘Register for a new account’

  6. Computer access

  7. Understanding your enrolment What is a semester? What is a unit? What are credit points? What do the unit codes mean? TAD1203

  8. Your course structure There are 5 common core units for all Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication), Bachelor of Industrial Design, Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Bachelor of Multimedia & Digital Arts students in first year: • DGN1001 Design studio 1 • OHS1000 Introduction to art & design health and safety • DIS1103 Digital processes for art & design • DWG1301 Drawing 1C • TAD1203 Introduction to design history and theory

  9. Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)

  10. Bachelor of Industrial Design

  11. Bachelor of Interior Architecture

  12. Bachelor of Multimedia & Digital Arts

  13. Areas of study Departments and their major areas of study • Architecture – design and architecture • Design – interdisciplinary design, industrial design, interior architecture and visual communication • Multimedia & Digital Arts - multimedia, multimedia design, digital arts and digital imaging • Fine Arts – drawing, glass, metals & jewellery, painting, photomedia, printmedia and sculpture • Theory of Art & Design – theory, art history and visual culture

  14. Choosing electives Depending on your course structure, you may be able to select an elective from a range of units available within the faculty and the university To view elective units that are available from the faculty: You can find out what units are offered each year by accessing the Unit information sections of the Undergraduate handbook:

  15. Credit & recognition of prior learning Complete an Application for Credit You can only apply for credit once Maximum advanced standing given for a 3 year degree: 2 years (72 points) Speak with a course adviser, either today or on enrolment day.

  16. Web Enrolment System (WES) How to enrol online

  17. Web Enrolment System (WES) What you can do in the WES • Update contact details • Complete Enrolment questionnaire • Complete CSP HECS-HELP application form • Unit enrolment You can also: • View your Fee Invoice • View your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) • View your results • Register to receive your results via SMS • Print/view your unofficial academic record • Check your exam timetable • Receive important messages and updates

  18. Web Enrolment System (WES) How do I use the WES? The WES is just like internet banking – you do each step in order before you go on to the next section. • The Art & Design enrolment website includes WES information – so take a look • WES flyer! Pick up a copy today or download from the Art & Design enrolment website Log in at: (there are links to this on our enrolment website!)

  19. Web Enrolment System (WES)

  20. Web Enrolment System (WES) Once you are logged in… • Click on the ‘enrolment’ link • Complete each module in order: • Contact details • Enrolment questionnaire • CSP HECS-HELP application • Unit enrolment (don’t forget to enrol for BOTH semesters)

  21. Web Enrolment System (WES) Enrolment Declaration – your electronic signature By agreeing you are agreeing to use and check your student email account regularly – you should check it at least once a week

  22. How do you know it has worked? • A ‘transaction number’ will appear on your screen every time you make a change or complete a module. Be sure to record your transaction number for future reference. • Enrolment Questionnaire: • Transaction numbers will start with 'Q' followed by a 9 digit number. • CSP/HECS-HELP: • Transaction numbers will start with 'Cpre' or 'Cnew' followed by a 9 digit number. • Unit enrolment:  • Transaction numbers will start with 'U' followed by a 9 digit number.  • You will also receive an email in your student account with the on what you did information every time you make a change or complete a module.

  23. Need help? • Visit the Art & Design enrolment website: • Visit the WES website: IMPORTANT: don’t forget to enrol for both semesters

  24. Problems? What if I cannot enrol via the WES? You will be assisted on your enrolment day

  25. Attend your enrolment day Bring with you: • VTAC offer letter • A copy of the 3 emails sent to your student email account that show you have completed via the WES your: • CSP HECS-HELP (for CSP students) application • Enrolment Questionnaire (for all students) • Details of your unit Enrolment

  26. What happens at enrolment? On enrolment day you will: • Receive more course advice if you need it • Confirm your on-line enrolment • (or complete the manual enrolment processes if required) • Have your picture taken for your Monash ID card

  27. Orientation Wednesday 25 February • Welcome to the Campus & the Faculty • Campus tours • Lunch • Meet your lecturers • Meet the other people in your course

  28. Discovery Week Monday 2 March – Friday 6 March Put these dates in your diary now You will need to be available from 8am – 4pm every day

  29. Good luck! Remember we are here to help – just ask!