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Marie Curie IRG Experiences PowerPoint Presentation
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Marie Curie IRG Experiences

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Marie Curie IRG Experiences
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Marie Curie IRG Experiences

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  1. Marie Curie IRG Experiences Asst. Prof. Alper Şen, Marie Curie Fellow Bogazici University alper.sen AT Alper Şen Bogazici University

  2. My Profile • Ph.D. ECE, University of Texas at Austin, 2004 • Member of Technical Staff, Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola), 2004-2009 • Worked for Sun, Intel during Ph.D. • Adjunct Asst. Prof., ECE, University of Texas at Austin, 2008 • Asst. Prof. Computer Engineering, Bogazici University, Spring 2009-now Alper Şen Bogazici University

  3. My Profile • Active R&D career in the industry. Led several projects. Published, applied for patent. • Active management career in the industry. Managed international projects between Freescale and ST Micro. • Active academic collaborations. Advisory Board Member, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). Liaison and expert for projects. • Active participation in Conference and Workshop Committees. Alper Şen Bogazici University

  4. My Marie Curie Timeline • 2005-2007: Talking, meeting with people … adjustment, career, finances, housing etc. • 2007: Bogazici CMPE ideal choice: focus on research, student potential, well-known, great location. (but public) • Learnt about MC from colleagues. • Read, read, read, emailed, asked … • 2007: Applied for MC • 2008: Granted MC. Negotiations, great help from ARDO. • 2009: Started project. Alper Şen Bogazici University

  5. A word about my MC project • Title: Predict-MP: Predictive Techniques for System Level Analysis of Multi-Processors, 2009-2013 • About: • Emerging products, such as multicores and parallel software, exploit concurrency to spread work around a system improving performance. • European competitiveness in microelectronics and software such as telecommunications, automobile, consumer products relies heavily on improving reliability of such emerging products. • Goal: • Novel reliability improvement techniques to detect and debug potential errors in emergingproducts before production. Alper Şen Bogazici University

  6. Marie Curie IRG • Prestigious grant, getting more competitive, high visibility • Great opportunity for reintegration (especially financially for public schools since salaries are not competitive) • Project funding ready before you arrive. Almost like a seed money. Alper Şen Bogazici University

  7. Some MC Tips • MC is different from other FP7 projects in that it is based mostly on your career more than your proposed project. • Demonstrate leadership skills, team work through activities in academia, industry. • Emphasize your previous research outcomes, patents, invited talks, research grants etc. • Your proposed research should build on your earlier research and third country know how. • Provide detailed targets in implementation. Include publication, patents that are planned. Alper Şen Bogazici University

  8. Some MC Tips • Provide concrete collaborations with third country. • Be creative in writing your proposal. There is no single right way to prepare the proposal. • Have your colleagues read and give you feedback. • Be in touch with ARDO and TUBITAK. • Too much bureaucracy though simpler than other FP7 projects. • TUBITAK has great published resources and contacts on their FP7 web pages. • When in doubt, contact Burcak Cullu. ncpmobility@ Alper Şen Bogazici University

  9. What can be done to improve overall process? • Have more information meetings in Bogazici. • Inform potential applicants before they arrive. • Get ARDO’s help in filling the forms: • Quality of host organization, including adequacy ofinfrastructures/facilities • Practical arrangements for the implementation and management of the project • Information regarding Bogazici on EPSS system. I had too much confusion about whose name was going to be where. • Bureaucracy can be overwhelming on the PI (almost like filing tax forms in US). • Need professional budget tracking esp. for larger FP7 projects and tax issues. Alper Şen Bogazici University

  10. What am I doing thanks to MC? • Starting to build network in Europe (to apply for FP7 projects). • Building research team • Recently appointed FP7 expert. • Ok, not because of MC but • Applying for non-EU project funding. • Familiarizing with academic work environment. Dealing with who can use our departmental parking lot etc  • Reintegrating Istanbul! Alper Şen Bogazici University