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marie curie career integration grants and erg irg n.
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Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (and ERG/IRG) PowerPoint Presentation
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Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (and ERG/IRG)

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Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (and ERG/IRG)
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Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (and ERG/IRG)

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  1. Monitoring your project Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (and ERG/IRG) Monica HOEK Girona, 28 September 2012

  2. To help experienced researchers establish a research career in Europe • ERG: For former Marie Curie fellows • IRG: For European researchers who are active outside Europe • Main “Deliverable”: A more independent Researcher with improved chances of having a successful research career in Europe. • Important contribution to the European Research Area

  3. Unit P.3 Integration Grants and Researchers’ Night Fredrik Olsson Hector Head of Unit Project Officers RG EmailTelephone Laurent +3222980532 Monica +3222984215 Chantal +3222951255 Nuria Perez-Moneo-Santos Petra Christina Totté David +3222953380

  4. Marie Curie Reintegration Grants After the signature...what’s next?

  5. Marie Curie Reintegration Grants REPORTING

  6. Purpose of Reporting • Show REA (and Taxpayers) that the funds are being used a intended • Demonstrate that contractual obligations are fulfilled • Showing that policy objectives are met • Make sure that projects are on tracks • Help us correct problematic projects • Help us identify “success stories”

  7. Contractual Obligations Researcher should be covered by work agreement - Declaration of conformity - Also indirectly from reports Researcher should be working on the project and the field of research. -Assessment of Periodic Report (or mid-term review report) - The project should be the one described in Annex I. - There can be deviations in the actual results and intended results. The main deliverable is a Researcher becoming more independent and standing better chances of having a continued research career.

  8. Guidance notes on project reporting

  9. Reporting & General Project Management • Marie Curie Actions Financial Guidelines • Reporting Guidance Notes • Sesam online reporting tool • Participant Portal • FORCE-FormC Editor • Guide to Financial Issues relating to FP7 Indirect Actions • IPR Helpdesk • Amendment Guide for FP7 Grant Agreements • Presentations from Barcelona meeting

  10. Typically, the first reporting period is for the first 24 months and the second reporting period for the remainder. Projects of less then 36 months duration will typically have 1 reporting period. Please consult Article 3 of your grant agreement, in which the reporting periods are defined.

  11. Reporting on scientific results and reintegration: See Article 3 of the Grant Agreement for the ReportingPeriods! The REA sends a reminder per email to the contact person for administrative, legal and financial issues

  12. Reporting on scientific results and reintegration – ERG/IRG: • Content: • Publishablesummary • Overview of project objectives as stated in Part B • Attainment/ implementation of project objectives so far incl. notably the reintegration • Significantresults • Deviations; theirreason and corrective action • Explanation of use of resources (not anymore) • Disseminationactivities (IRG) • Project Management • Pleasemind to submit the • Declaration of conformity!

  13. Periodic Report, 3.1 Explanation of use of resources

  14. Role of scientific reviewers • REA relies on scientific review on a case-by-case basis • Ethic reviewersin case of ethical monitoring


  16. Lump sum/flat rate funding • Reintegration Grants/CIG are genuine flat rates which are not subject to verification of actualcostsincurred: they are paid on the basis of the accomplishment of the action. In otherterms, whatshallbecheckediswhether the generatingeventscorresponding to the activitiesfinanced by the lump sums, and not the relatedcosts. • The European Commission made an ex-ante assessment, when fixing these rates, thatthey do not generate profit. • In principle, theycover a fractionof the cost of reintegrating the researcher: they are only anencouragement to the beneficiary, not a full coverage of expenses.

  17. Lump sum/flat rate funding • Actualspending and budget transferbetweenyearsis not relevant. • The grantshallonlybereduced in the situation of improper, partial or lateimplementation of the agreedwork: thereisno ex post reductionof the grantamount in case the beneficiary has made cost-savingsneitheranyincreaseif theyattractedadditional sources of funding.

  18. Payment modalities • Pre-financing(45 days after entry into force of GA or after start date) • Interim payments (IRG)based on reception of periodic report • Final paymentbased on reception of final report • Deadline for payment starts at reception of signed/stamped original form c with a previous electronic submission of form c and of the correct periodic/final report • Certification of costs (audit) is NOT needed (EU contribution ≥ 375,000€)

  19. Payments IRG/CIG • Project start:1st prefinancingof 50%,which amounts to 50.000 ,-€, minus 5% for the Guarantuee fund • 2nd prefinancingof40%after acceptance interim report • IRG of 48 months: 40.000,- € • IRG of 36 months: 18.750,- € • 3rd paymentof remaining 10%+ reimbursement from Guarantee fund

  20. Payments ERG • Project start:1st prefinancingof 36.000,- € (ERG 36 months) minus 5% for the Guarantueefund • 2nd paymentof remainingamountat the end, afteracceptance of final report+ reimbursementfromGuarantueefund

  21. Form C Interim (IRG/CIG) Insert only the lump sum IRG/CIG of 48 months: Report after 24 months = 50.000 €

  22. Form C Stamp/Signature by responsible person from financial services

  23. Form C Interim (IRG/CIG) • REA receives the Form C (signedpaper copy + online) • Checks the scientific report (online)

  24. Form C Final (IRG/ERG/CIG) Insert only the lump sum IRG/CIG of 48 months 2nd Form C after 48 months Covering 24 months = 50.000 € ERG of 36 (24) months: Form C covering the entire period

  25. Submission of scientific report • Scientific report – electronic submission via SESAM • No original report is needed (recent) • In case of incorrect/missing information • Rejection of report by PO • Resubmission of report

  26. Submission of Form C • Financial report – electronic submission via FORCE • - Part of the information is prefilled • - Monobeneficiaries click twice to submit the form C (as participant and as coordinator) • Original paper version of Form C – to be signed by someone representing the financial services/ accountancy of the host institution

  27. Timetable • Submissionof reports (original, signed version) within60 calendardaysafter the end of the reportingperiod • 105 daysfor the REA tocheckthe reports and to transfer the nextpayment • REA canstop the clockin case of incorrect information/ data or if documents are missing • 105 daysperiodsuspendeduntilreception of missing data/documents

  28. The Research Participant Portal

  29. The Research Participant Portal Acces is based on an ECAS (European Commission Authentication System) account for each user. Portal contact person is mentioned in the GPF during negotiation in NEF as « administrative contact person ». S/He will manage the access rights to the project (delegation of roles) Contact your P.O. should you wish to change the Portal contact person

  30. Amendments • Exchange of letters between the beneficiary and the REA: written request signed by the authorised representative and REA approval letter signed by HoU

  31. Amendments • Cases: • Change of host – in exceptional duly justified cases • Change of start date • Change of authorised representative • Change of banking details • Change of description of work (Annex I – part B) • Suspension / Part time: request needed – researcher is deemed to work full time for the project • Early termination (reports if prefinancing paid) • Please notify change of scientist in charge, email addresses or contact details

  32. IT Helpdesk • PO – no advisor for IT applications! • E-mail address: •

  33. Guidance documents • Negotiation guidance notes • Standard model GA: Annex II and III • Reporting guidelines • •

  34. Information • FP7 Enquiry Helpdesk  • FP7 • FP7 IT Helpdesk  • URF  • LEAR 

  35. Thank you very much for your attention! !Muchas gracias!