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  1. Business communication skills(skup vežbi korišćenihna vežbama za uspešno komuniciranje, prezentaciju proizvoda na engleskom, razvoja kritičkog mišljenja critical thinking itd.)

  2. Schedules Look at the table and ask the questions which elicit the following answers: 1. ______________________________ At 12.25. 2. ______________________________ An hour. LONDON BIRMINGMHAM LONDON MANCHESTER DEPART ARRIVE FLIGHT NO. DEPART ARRIVE FLIGHTNO 10.40 11.25 BA 3277 10.55 11.55 BA3266 11.40 12.25 BA 3287 11.55 12.55 BA3276 What time does flight No. BA3287 arrive in Birmingham? How long does the flight from London to Manchester take?

  3. Business communication skills. Telephoning. Who’s calling?, speaking, ring back, this is,Sorry she’s just gone out • Can I speak to Mrs Bild, please? • _________________. Would you like to ring back later? • Hello, is George there by any chance? - _________________? • James Brown. • Could you put me through to Mrs Dylan, please? - Hold on, please. • Hello, _________________ Sue James. – Oh, hello Sue. • Hello. Ron Benson _________________. Is Mr. Person there? • He’s away for a few day. Can I give him a message? • No, thanks. I’ll _________________ next week. Sorry she’s just gone out Who’s calling? thisis speaking ring back

  4. Taking someone's name My name's ………………………………………; I'll spell that for you – gee, are, ay, aitch, ay, em, new word, aitch, you, gee, aitch, ee, es. Graham Hughes My name's ……………………………………; that’s jay, ay, en, i, see, ee, new word, why, oh, you, en, gee Janice Young

  5. Business communication. Social interaction (interakcija sa ljudima).Match these expressions with the thoughts behind them (1-5). Oh dear! I didn’t quite catch that. Never mind. How come? You’re joking! 1. That seems absurd. 2. I don’t understand how that happened. 3. It doesn’t matter; it's not terribly important. 4. I didn’t understand what you just said. 5. I sympathise with you.

  6. Let me introduce myself… • Aims • To learn/ revise how to introduce oneself (to e.g. business partners) • Key vocabulary (Unit 1- Customers) • Learn/ revise: Possessive pronouns/adjectives • There is/are distinction

  7. Is that Mrs or Ms? • Mr, Mrs /misiz/, Miss /mis/, Ms /miz/ • To highlight, in Serbian: koristite ove nazive ispred prezimena, a ne imena, osim kada izgovorimo istovremeno ime i prezime: Mr John Hudson.

  8. Programme, courses at Higher Business School HOME AND FOREIGN TRADE Tourism and Hospitality /Catering

  9. Programme, course • Finance and Accounting • Entrepreneurship

  10. Programme, course • Information Technology in Business • Insurance

  11. At a conference drinks party • So, who do you work ___? a) at b) in c) for • ________ business? a) what's c) how's b) when's • Can I _____ you a drink? a) find b)bring c)get • Where are you ______originally? a)at b)on c)from • Is this your first time _____ Paris? a)in b)at c) on • How ____ you _____the conference? a)do you enjoy b) are you enjoying • Are you _______ a presentation? a) having b) giving c)taking • Can I get you anything _____ the buffet? a) at b) from c)on

  12. Think & Reflect

  13. Pair-work Discussion

  14. Do you think offshore accounts are a good idea? Why/why not? Possible questions to reflect on: Where is that money from? What is it for?

  15. Interest ratesAre the interest rates in Serbia low or high? • True or false: • Stable and low inflation and interest rates are an economic ‘good thing.’ Circle the correct answers: • Low interest rates/ high interest rates help to control inflation/small banks. TRUE!

  16. Your tasks Present jobs Past jobs Reasons for changes 1 2 3 • Make two lists: • PRESENT JOBS: jobs which many women now do, but which their mothers didn’t do in the past. • PAST JOBS: jobs which their mothers‘ generation used to do, but which few women do now. • And note down THE REASONS why you think these changes have taken place.

  17. In small groups, prepare the introduction and conclusion of a presentation of one of these new products to a group of department store buyers. • a flexible tablet PC that can be rolled up to fit in a pocket • furniture which changes colour and temperature depending on the light and room temperature • a T-shirt which displays a text message that can be modified from a mobile phone • your own product idea • Think about the following questions. Hook: What is the most surprising, exciting or unusual aspect of your product? Objective: Why are you making the presentation and what do you hope to obtain? Agenda: How will you organize your presentation and what will happen after the talk? Summary: What are the highlights of your talk? Call for action: What do you want your audience to do now? Close: How can you avoid an embarrassing silence at the end of your presentation?

  18. This could be the most portable computer ever!

  19. Furniture which changes color

  20. a T-shirt which displays a text message

  21. Companies again What do you know about these companies (production)? • BMW – cars, parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars • Coca-Cola - soft drinks (no alcohol, served cold), fizzy drink (sweet, non-alcoholic drink, usu. drunk by children) well-designed bottles, excellent advertising, eye-catching advertisements BMW Coca-Cola Nike Levi Strauss & Co Microsoft

  22. BMW Coca-Cola Nike Levi Strauss & Co Microsoft • Nike - track suits, trainers Am. sneakers , sportswear • Levi Strauss & Co - denim skirt, jacket, fabric, jeans • Microsoft – software


  24. Reactions: How to act as a businessman/woman in Japan? CULTURAL DIFFERENCES • Business card: • 1st you must have it (if you don’t have it, than you don’t exist) • Offer your business card to a Japanese with BOTH HANDS: