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  1. Schedules

  2. 3:30am- Farmers start working on the ranches • 6:45am- Breakfast • 7:00am~8:45am- break for church • 9:00am- The women and farmers start setting up the market • 9:30- Lunch for farmers and women • 10:00am~3:30pm- Market Opens (women sell homemade goods while the farmers sell their crops) • 3:30pm~4:00pm- Closing the market and going home • 4:00pm~5:30pm- Eat supper and get ready for church • 6:00pm~8:00pm- church services • 8:00pm~9:00pm- small snack and bed time Ranch Schedule The life of framers on the ranch is very hard. Our ranch consists of a barn, a few animals that we share with the natives in return for our Spanish goods and many different seasonal crops. Also we have a market which helps the farmers sell their crops and make a living. We have approximately 10 main farmers and 30 people who help them plant crops and work on the farm. Also in our market women set up stores and sell homemade goods that they made.

  3. 6:15am- day begins • 6:30am- breakfast and prepare the church for morning services • 7:00~8:45am- morning services begin • 8:45~9:00am- clean up church and prepare for evening services • 9:30am- small snack and children from the whole settlement head off to school. (9:45~3:45pm- school time) • 9:50~10:30am- house wife's and women who don’t work go to the market to get supplies for the day. • 10:30~3:30pm- house chores • 3:50pm- kids and family are home lunch time • 3:50-5:15pm- eat lunch get ready for eveningservices • 6:00pm~8:00pm- church begins • 8:00~9:30- family time and eat supper • 10:00- bedtime Mission Schedule In our mission we have our church, a school, and a graveyard and a clinic. The mission is mainly controlled by the priest with the help of the school teacher. The doctors will have a very small say in what happens in our mission. We have 2 teachers, 1 priest and 2 doctors but all women have to take medical aid training. We have 2 church services a day and Sunday is everyone's day off to spend time with their family and pray. In our school we have all the kids ages 4-15 go to school by law. We have approximately 30 kids who learn in a one room school house.

  4. The people who guard the settlement stay up all night • 6:00am- breakfast and get ready for morning church services • 7:00~8:00am- morning services begin • 8:15~11:00am- the military start training and learning new things to help the community • 11:00~11:15- snack break for guards and military • 11:15~1:45- military go back to training. • 11:15- guards circle around the settlement and make sure everything is running smoothly • 11:45~12:30- guards meet with founder and report daily activity and any crimes against law • 12:30~1:45- guards on their post • 1:50~3:15- lunch is served to everyone in presidio • 3:20-everyone but the guards are released to go home • 4:30~5:45- get ready and head off for church • 6:00~8:00- evening services begin • 9:00 supper for everyone including guards and bedtime for everyone but guards Presidio Schedule Our presidio consists of a look out tower, a military base and a government building for the officials. In our presidio we have 20 guards, about 30 people in the military including both men and woman and 5 government officials who check up on the daily progress of the settlement. We have guards looking over our settlement 24/7, but only 5 guards are on the post at once and 5 are on the land walking around enforcing the laws. Therefore only 10 men are on the job at once and they rotate the shifts. There is a morning shift and a night shift. Each of these guards work 12 hrs. of the day and sleep 8 hrs. each day. Church and breaks don’t count towards their 12 hrs.