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Southwest Asia

Southwest Asia. North Africa. Physiography. Black Sea. Caspian Sea. Mediterranean Sea. Arabian Sea. D. Hardin. CONVERGENT BOUNDARY. Block fault mountains. Caucasus. Black Sea. Caspian Sea. Mediterranean Sea. Elbruz. Atlas. Arabian Sea. CONVERGENT BOUNDARY. Barbary Coast.

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Southwest Asia

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  1. Southwest Asia North Africa

  2. Physiography

  3. Black Sea Caspian Sea Mediterranean Sea Arabian Sea D. Hardin

  4. CONVERGENT BOUNDARY Block fault mountains Caucasus Black Sea Caspian Sea Mediterranean Sea Elbruz Atlas Arabian Sea

  5. CONVERGENT BOUNDARY Barbary Coast Toubkal (13,665’) Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco Block fault mountains Atlas Mountains Pillars of Hercules D. Hardin

  6. CONVERGENT BOUNDARY Mt. Elbrus (18,642’) Prometheus Block fault mountains Caucasus Mountains Sochi Caspian Sea Black Sea D. Hardin

  7. CONVERGENT BOUNDARY Aži Dahāka Zahāk Mount Damāvand (18,602’) Block fault mountains Elburz Mountains Caspian Sea Tehran Mt. Damāvand D. Hardin

  8. CONVERGENT BOUNDARY Warping and folding Black Sea Caspian Sea Anatolian Plateau Mediterranean Sea Zagros Arabian Sea

  9. CONVERGENT BOUNDARY Anatolian Plateau Zagros Mts. Warping and folding D. Hardin

  10. RIFT ZONES Red Sea Sinai Peninsula Arabian Peninsula Gulf of Suez Gulf of Aqaba Red Sea D. Hardin

  11. RIFT ZONES Asal Rift, Djibouti (-492’) Lake Asal Erta Al Lake Abaya Tisissat Falls Blue Nile Ethiopian Highlands Red Sea Arabian Peninsula Afar Triangle Arabian Sea Ethiopian Highlands Great Rift Valley D. Hardin

  12. TRANSFORM BOUNDARIES North Anatolian Fault Black Sea Caspian Sea Jordan Valley/ Dead Sea Fault Mediterranean Sea Arabian Sea D. Hardin

  13. TRANSFORM BOUNDARIES Sea of Galilee Mount of Beatitudes Golan Heights African Plate Arabian Plate Jordan River Jerusalem Dead Sea (-1,360’) Salt columns Jordan Valley/Dead Sea Fault D. Hardin

  14. TRANSFORM BOUNDARIES Eurasian Plate Anatolian Plate North Anatolian Fault Sea of Marmara Black Sea D. Hardin

  15. TRANSFORM BOUNDARIES North Anatolian Fault Izmit, Turkey earthquake November 12, 1999 Magnitude 7.2 D. Hardin

  16. TRANSFORM BOUNDARIES Byzantium Constantinople Istanbul Bosporus Dardanelles Troy North Anatolian Fault Bosporus & Dardanelles Bulgaria Black Sea Greece Sea of Marmara Istanbul Aegean Sea Turkey D. Hardin

  17. OIL

  18. OIL Kazakhstan Black Sea Caspian Sea Turkmenistan Mediterranean Sea Iraq Iran Kuwait Saudi Arabia Persian Gulf Algeria Libya Red Sea Arabian Sea

  19. STRATEGIC WATERWAYS Choke points NATO Crimea Black Sea Fleet Black Sea Caspian Sea Bosporus & Darnanelles Mediterranean Sea Suez Canal Strait of Hormuz Bab-el-Mandab Arabian Sea

  20. STRATEGIC WATERWAYS Choke points Panama Canal Strait of Gibraltar Bosporus/Dardanelles Suez Canal Strait of Hormuz Bab al Mandeb Strait of Malacca

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