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Sydney Region ICT Coordinators Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Sydney Region ICT Coordinators Day

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Sydney Region ICT Coordinators Day - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sydney Region ICT Coordinators Day
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  1. Sydney Region Sydney RegionICT Coordinators Day Term 2, 2007

  2. Sydney Region Agenda Wrap Up of Term 1 - 2007 CC Day Term 2 2007 Technology Update MS Office -Tips and tricks - Morning Tea Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning (Primary School days) Understanding and Coping With Web 2.0 (High School Day) Effective Use of the Internet and Email SMS engine Lunch Break Sentral ( All days) Understanding and Coping With Web 2.0 (Primary School Days) Socio-Economic status and ICT strategies (High School day) CC Day Wrap-up and final Q&A Evaluations and Close

  3. Sydney Region Wrap up of Term 1, 2007 • Wrap Up of Last ICT Day & Updates • 2 Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning • 3 DET Portal Management Utilities • School Website Project • MS Office tips and tricks • 6 The effective use of Internet Access and Email • Lunch and Networking • School ICT forum • 9 Network cameras

  4. Sydney Region Primary school CC day T1 2007 evaluations

  5. Sydney Region Term 1, 2007:Evaluation – General Comments • Possible session on Joomla and Moodle • SRN project Student Registration number • Bring back Stu’s videos • Break out sessions Apple/Win • Staff link to student logins to test the filter – include in update • Less cramped agenda • New cc day • How do we setup “My files” for staff? • Training for SR server- shortcuts for groups, printers, users • Some relevance for special educators • Download presentations onto thumb drives • Laser printer recommendations

  6. Sydney Region Term 2 2007 Technology Update • Sydney Region ICT news: STEMS 2007,SR ICT standards,computer relocation, • Single Vendor,OASIS thin client-update, T4L, NSW Government Procurement Reforms, CLI news, Technology planning

  7. Sydney Region Sydney Region ICT news-1- SR ICT standards

  8. Sydney Region Sydney Region ICT news-2- Computer relocation Sydney Region (SR) ITSU is in the process of collecting ex-TAFE Windows based computers (minimum P4 1.6 GHz with 256Mb RAM, 17” monitors) with the intention of relocating these computers to Sydney Region schools. These computers meet the current Sydney Region standards and will come with an SR supportable image; however, they do not come with a warranty.The purpose of the relocation is to raise the minimum specifications of PC’s in schools and is designed as a one –for –one swap. This would mean that for each computer installed, an older computer comes off the school network. SR ITSU advises that the older computers be removed from the assets register (either beyond economic repair or does not meet minimum SR ICT standards) and then disposed of appropriately. The link below provides details of organisations that recycle computer equipment: We would like to gain expressions of interest from schools that would like to be part of this process. These computers will be progressively rolled out throughout 2007 and schools will be advised before delivery and installation. If you wish to be considered as part of this program please complete and return the attached document by Friday 22nd June 2007.

  9. Sydney Region Sydney Region ICT news-3- School Transition Enterprise Management System (STEMS) 2007 • STEMS 2007 is expected to be available in Week 10 of Term 2 • Data entry to be completed for Year 6 students by the end of Week 9 of Term 3 • High Schools to receive their year 7 transition data by the start of Term 4 • If required, a repeat of the 2006 STEMS info sessions for K-6 schools can be run • Expressions of Interest will be sent out to High Schools for "Train the Trainer" courses in late term 3 • STEMS Training courses for Year 7 advisers in early term 4

  10. ICT update-1- Sydney Region Single Vendor for IBM-Compatible Desktop Computers Memorandum to: Principals and School Administrative Managers DN/07/00136 As of 1 June 2007 there is a single supplier for Desktop PC equipment: Lenovo

  11. ICT update-3- Sydney Region Technology for Learning (T4L) Scheduled for semester two 2007. Schools should plan for the distribution of their notional allocation T4L in 2007 and 2008. This could also involve school purchased computers or Federal and State government technology installations. School student enrolments as at February 2006, divided by 8.23. This is your notional allocation over the four years of Technology for Learning.* Your notional allocation for 2007 is 20% of this notional allocation. Sydney Region ITSU encourages schools without curriculum fileservers to use a proportion of the T4L allocation to install a Sydney Region managed curriculum fileserver. Please contact: Bambos Meitani 9298 6914(ph)  9298 6940(fax) 0408 640208(mobile) * P5 and P6 schools received their full four year allocation in 2005.

  12. ICT update-4- Sydney Region NSW Government Procurement Reforms

  13. ICT update-2- Sydney Region OASIS thin client- Sydney Region update 138 Schools cut over SR only region doing previsits and user instruction. Lenovo Computers will need to be upackaged, installed,bolted and imaged. All schools to be complete by Week 9 Term 3 Full schedule at

  14. ICT update-5- Sydney Region Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI) Online projects, including Annual Schools Web Awards, 2007 Greeting card Design Awards, On Air, Through my window; resources, including webquests, internet scavenger hunts and school stories, latest in adaptive technology and news about the Intel Teach Program. Online projects where we want collaboration amongst schools across NSW, Australia and the world, are still available from the CLI internet site at 2007 Journeys - Annual Schools Web Design Awards Schools need to register for the 2007 Schools Web Design Awards by Friday 15 June. Entries close on 27 June. more info

  15. ICT update-6- Sydney Region Technology planning This is of increasing importance to schools in determining the most effective allocation of ICT in the school. The Information Technology Directorate is currently investigating the development of templates to assist schools to create and maintain technology plans Schools are encouraged to contact a Technology Adviser in the preparation of a school technology plan.

  16. Sydney Region Sydney RegionComputer Coordinators Day Comments? Questions?