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ICT Coordinators Information Day

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ICT Coordinators Information Day. Term 4 2008. ICT Coordinators Information Day. Term 4 2008. He finally did it!. Agenda. Wrap Up of Term 3 - 2008 ICT Day Term 4 2008 Technology Update Videos made for teachers by students Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning

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ICT Coordinators Information Day

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ict coordinators information day2

ICT Coordinators Information Day

Term 4 2008

He finally did it!

  • Wrap Up of Term 3 - 2008 ICT Day
  • Term 4 2008 Technology Update
  • Videos made for teachers by students
  • Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning
  • Tips and tricks (Primary days only)
  • Virtualising Servers (High School day only)
  • Learning Systems update
  • Term 4 ICT housekeeping
  • The Internet through the eyes of our students:

Are teachers even in the line of sight?

wrap up of term 3 2008
Wrap up of Term 3, 2008
  • Wrap Up of Term 2 - 2008 ICT Day
  • Term 3 2008 Technology Update
  • How to Make a Google Maps Mash-up
  • Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning
  • MS Office -Tips and tricks (Primary days only)
  • Learning Systems update
  • Digital images
  • Stu’s Double Jeopardy v3.1

T3 2008 ICT day General Comments

Ideas – how to incorporate Comiclife and Artrage into KLA’s ; examples of best practice by others using these packages

Use flipcharts

Lena’s courses in Intranet

Freeware programs that allow you to animate images

Showcase of successful ICT projects

Website design and management

Basic day for new CC’s

Entries for making movies 08

GIMP in service

term 4 ict update
Term 4 ICT Update

NSW and Commonwealth ICT initiatives

  • Connected Classrooms - Phase 3
  • NGEN
  • T4L, Apple Contract, Server Contract
  • Staff E-Mail
  • Student E-mail
  • DET Portal changes
  • Digital Education Revolution
  • School Website Service
  • 2008 Connected Learning Awards
  • Government Schools of NSW from 1848 website

Sydney Region initiatives

  • STEMS, SMSpresso, SR Servers-new contract, SMS alerts
connected classrooms phase 3
Connected Classrooms - Phase 3
  • Phase 3 inspections started.
    • 40 Schools have been contacted.
  • Selection of Classroom:
    • Must be power and Data outlets on front wall.
      • Power within 4m of cabinet
      • Data within 2m of cabinet
    • Must be power within 4m of centre of back wall.
    • Front wall behind IWB must be clear – no power, data outlets, conduit or battens above 30cm and below 2.5m.
    • Can not be demountable or MDR construction.
  • Phase 3 will be installed during Semester 1, 2009.
network bandwidth project ngen
Network Bandwidth Project (NGEN)
  • The scope of NGEN is to deliver a minimum of 10Mbps to each location over the next 24-30 months; however sites that have currently more than 10Mbps will maintain the current service they have today.
  • All Sydney Region have been surveyed in preparation for the NGEN program.
  • Once surveyed ITD networks will liaise with the school and with Telstra to facilitate the transition to NGEN.
  • It is envisaged that Sydney Region will be completed by the end of June 2009.
technology for learning t4l
Technology for Learning (T4L)

No details are available at present regarding the NSW T4L program in 2009

Apple contract

The previously advertised Apple desktop products have now gone 'end of life' and no stock is available.

Apple has advised us that they are in negotiation with the Department of Commerce to have new models tested and accepted under contract.Once the new DET standard equipment is available for purchase it will be advertised.

Schools should hold off on any discretionary Apple purchases until further notice.

Fileserver contract


staff email
Staff Email

Email services for staff in schools and TAFE will be brought in-house onto the existing corporate email system during the remainder of 2008. 

The new email service for staff will result in a number of changes for staff, including:

All staff email address will end with @det.nsw.edu.au

Your mailbox will provide access to a global address list of all staff within the NSW  Department of Education and Training

You will need to set up your address book to see your school students' email addresses at your site.


student email
Student Email
  • This email upgrade project will deliver a new service to 1.2 million NSW school and TAFE students by the end of 2008.
  • The new email service will provide a number of enhancements including:
  • larger mailbox capacity (over 7GB of space)
  • larger total message sizes (up to 20MB)
  • world class anti-spam and anti-virus protection
  • Change over process
  • There is no involvement required by local staff members or students for the changeover to occur.
  • The process to change students to the new email system involves:
  • Changing the student’s portal link to open their new email hosted at Google
  • Redirecting email from the current service to the new service
  • Copying the student’s existing email to their new mailbox
  • https://detwww.det.nsw.edu.au/it/learnsyssupport/student_email/index.htm
det portal changes
DET Portal changes
  • The Account Administration function under My Applications will be disappearing on December 12
  • Staff will need to use EMU to reset passwords for students
  • There will be a new Staff Management Utility (SMU) for resetting staff passwords
  • Access for EMU and SMU will need to be allocated by the Principal using AMU
  • Further information will be provided once SMU has been released
digital education revolution
Digital Education Revolution

EVERY senior NSW public school student will get to keep a mini laptop after a new funding deal was thrashed out at yesterday's Commonwealth-state funding talks in Canberra.

Some will receive their custom-built computers, powered by a wireless broadband network, by the end of term two next year. Students will be able to keep their computers after they leave school.

The funding breakthrough came after months of bitter fighting over the Federal Government's offer of $1 billion to the states to fulfil federal Labor's election promise to give every year 9 to 12 student a computer.

Mr Rees immediately pledged that NSW would lead the country by providing 197,000 senior public school students with the specially designed teenager-friendly computers.

Half the state's public high schools would have wireless internet connections by mid-2009, he promised, signalling the start of the laptop rollout. Mr Rees told The Sun-Herald NSW would receive $200 million from the Commonwealth for computers in public schools - and offered the other states and territories the chance to join NSW in a huge computer spending spree.

Lisa Carty and Kerry-Anne Walsh [edited]November 30, 2008


digital education revolution continued
Digital Education Revolution - continued

"These custom-made laptops are about three-quarters the size of a regular laptop - compact enough to fit into a schoolbag or a locker but powerful enough to support all the IT needs of our high school students.

"We can deliver the digital revolution by putting wireless networks in every public secondary school and buying a laptop for all the 197,000 students in years 9 to 12.“

As the laptops run on a wireless network, there was no need to build expensive computer labs or banks of network servers.

At a press conference with all state and territory leaders yesterday, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the extra funding for education came with strings attached.

A "new era" of public transparency in reporting was needed from schools across the country.

Lisa Carty and Kerry-Anne Walsh [edited]November 30, 2008


digital education revolution continued17
Digital Education Revolution - continued
  • Specifically, over 4 years, DER is expected to provide:
    • 197,000 custom-laptops to all students 9-12 commencing June 2009
    • Students to take laptops home and keep them after year 12
    • Comprehensive Wireless installations in all High Schools
    • Additional technical support for all high schools (“hundreds of extra staff”)
    • Teacher Training
nsw det school website service
NSW DETSchool Website Service


School website service will:

Create a network of school sites as a way to communicate information from the department that parents would find relevant and interesting, mixed in with the content of local and school-specific nature.

Allow for communicating information from other government agencies that is relevant to parents in the school education context.

Provide opportunities for publishing by school students, P&C members, community groups, extra-curricular activity providers, and anyone else whose content the principal is willing appear on your school website. 

Provide an easy to use editing tool (that enables content creation and updates), user-centred design, branding and editorial services, and centrally maintained content for use on school sites.

Provide greater support for school website management.

Promote the value of public education to the community. 

nsw det school website service19
NSW DETSchool Website Service



$40 per annum for schools with fewer than 160 students

$440 per annum for all other schools.


2008 Connected Learning Awards

Web Design Awards: winners



Digital Story Awards: winners



Short Film Awards: winners



Learning Resource Awards: winners



Digital Art Awards: winners



Greeting Card Design Awards: Winners



government schools of nsw from 1848 website
Government Schools of NSW from 1848 website


sydney region school servers recommendations
Sydney Region – School Servers Recommendations

Dell is the DET Preferred supplier for servers.

2 Dell models available

Base Model: T300/R300

Advanced Model – T2900/R2950

Sydney Region ITSU recommends:

backup software
Backup Software

Symantec Backup Exec V12

backup hardware option 1 tape drive
Backup Hardware – Option 1Tape Drive

Schools should budget for new tapes each year

sydney region initiatives stems
Sydney Region initiatives- STEMS
  • Another successful year for STEMS with all Sydney Region schools participating
  • Thanks to all K-6 schools and their staff for their great work in getting the data completed on time
  • Three high schools asked for specific training because their year 7 advisers have changed
  • The Goulburn and Shellharbour areas of Illawarra and South East Region also ran STEMS this year
  • Some interesting statistics from STEMS 2008 are on the next slide
sydney region initiatives smspresso
Sydney Region initiatives- SMSpresso

Sydney Region’s SMS Solution

SMSpresso is now available for schools to sign up

Schools in Sydney Region will get free on-site installation if required

Minimum order is 5,000 credits at 8c each ($440 inc GST)

No other costs involved

Standard export reports built into OASIS for attendance and Overdue Library books

http://sitwww.det.nsw.edu.au/sr/smspresso for full details

SMSpresso is available now

sydney region initiatives software
Sydney Region initiatives- Software


sydney region initiatives sms it alerts
Sydney Region initiatives- SMS IT alerts

Sydney Region ITSU is to start sending IT alerts via SMS to Computer Coordinators.

If you would like to be alerted of ICT outages at your school as detected by ITSU or general DET ICT outages as well as other important ICT notices, and you did not give us your number last term (or if your number has changed), please leave your mobile phone number on the sign on sheet.

There is no charge for this service