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Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies . A brief Discussion Regarding Theme.

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a brief discussion regarding theme
A brief Discussion Regarding Theme
  • The GENERAL theme we will be considering for the novel is humanity’s capacity for evil/ the evil within humanity. This is a general theme. When it comes to writing your paper you will have to come up with a more specific theme based off of this.
chapter 1
Chapter 1
  • Characters
  • Ralph
  • Samneric
  • Piggy
  • Jack
  • Simon
  • Roger
chapter 2
Chapter 2
  • Some important info:
  • The boys fear that there is a “snake like beastie” on the island. The mulberry scarred young boy is the first to mention this.
  • Boys start a fire that nearly destroys the entire island
  • The scar faced young boy goes missing. Presumably he is killed in the fire.
chapter 3
Chapter 3
  • Characters:
  • Jack- Begins hunting and descending into savage brutality. He’s aggressive yet unable to kill the pig. He is totally focused on killing the pig.
  • Ralph-Puts shelters together. Leader/practical, focuses on survival, a good soldier. Doesn’t care about hunting as much as being rescued. He’s also brave since he doesn’t mind going across the island even as nighttime nears.
  • Simon-Only boy who helps put the huts up. He likes being alone. He’s small and innocent and enjoys being alone in the natural surroundings.
chapter 31
Chapter 3
  • Events
  • Jack tries to kill the pig but is unsuccessful
  • Jack and Ralph discuss how little help the littlun’s gave him with building the shelters. They also argue over priorities. Ralph’s priority is getting rescued and Jack’s is killing a pig.
  • Ralph is unable to find Simon because Simon enjoys wandering off alone.
sample quote chapter 3
Sample quote Chapter 3
  • “He tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that swallowing him up” (Golding 155).
  • This passage is important because it reveals Jack’s increasing desire to kill. This can be tied to our general theme regarding the evil within humanity. Now removed from society’s rules, Jack is beginning to be “swallow[ed]” up by his “compulsion” to kill. The wording here points to much more than just an interest in hunting, as compulsions are often associated with addictions or obsessions. Therefore, this quote might foreshadow Jack going down an even worse path later in the novel. Maybe Jack will eventually be swallowed up by evil, and develop a lust for blood that extends beyond just animals. This all certainly relates to how the Nazi’s were swallowed up by a “compulsion” to kill and committed horrible acts of genocide.
chapter 4
Chapter 4
  • Characters:
  • Ralph- seen as the “Adult world of authority”
  • Percival and Henry- Have a sand fight. Percival ends up crying. Henry is the leader of the littlun’s today.
  • Roger-Wants to throw rocks at the little children. He’s a sadistic bully. The only thing that stops him is “the taboo of the old life” meaning the rules of society. If it weren’t for people like police and parents enforcing rules, Roger would do whatever he wanted to people.
  • Jack-Begins putting on paint to blend in with the jungle. He’s becoming more aggressive and obsessed with hunting. He’s descending into brutality.
  • The littlelun’s fight on the beach and Roger just barely holds back throwing rocks at them.
  • Jack paints his face and goes hunting. Meanwhile the fire goes out and the kids end up missing out on a chance to be rescued. Jack is upset his hunting feast is sort of ruined by this development.
  • Ralph and Jack’s relationship continues to grow tense. Jack proudly shares his feast as the boys shout “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in.” It is clear Jack is more interested in hunting then being rescued and that the children are developing some very savage, sadistic tendencies.
chapter 5
Chapter 5
  • An assembly is called. Ralph is upset with the littlluns and the other boys not following the rules.
  • The boy s again discuss the possibility of a beast existing on the island.
  • Simon believes that is people the boys have to fear while Piggy handles the matter logically. Jack says that he and his hunters will kill the beast. Ralph wishes there were adults on the island.
  • Ralph- Ralph shows his continued leadership and responsibility. He is primarily concerned with keeping the rules on the island and helping the boys get rescued.
  • Simon-Proves himself thoughtful and reflective.
  • Piggy- Continues to show his logical thoughtful nature.
chapter 6
Chapter 6
  • Samneric believe they see the beast
  • The boys agree they must go out and find the beast.
  • Jack finds a good place for a “fort” deeper in the island but Ralph wants to stay at the beach so they can get rescued.