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Shopping. Introduction of Shopping in GZ. Shopper’s paradise [‘pærədais] 购物者的天堂 staple [‘steipl] 主要产品;支柱产品 Traditional Chinese Handicrafts 中国传统手工艺品 souvenir [‘su:vəniə] n. 纪念品 enamel [i‘næməl] n. 搪瓷 embroidery [im'brɔidəri] n. 刺绣. haunt [hɔ:nt] n. 某人常去的地方

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Introduction of shopping in gz
Introduction of Shopping in GZ

  • Shopper’s paradise [‘pærədais] 购物者的天堂

  • staple [‘steipl] 主要产品;支柱产品

  • Traditional Chinese Handicrafts 中国传统手工艺品

  • souvenir [‘su:vəniə] n.纪念品

  • enamel [i‘næməl] n.搪瓷

  • embroidery [im'brɔidəri] n.刺绣

  • haunt [hɔ:nt] n.某人常去的地方

  • jade [dʒeid] n.〈矿〉绿玉; 绿玉色

  • ivory [‘aivəri] n. 象牙制品

  • calligraphy [kə‘lɪgrəfi:] n.书法;笔迹

  • At competitive price优惠的价格

  • Grandview Mall正佳广场

  • Pack with用…充满

    1.He packed a briefcase with what might be required.

    • 他把所有可能需要的东西都装进公文包。

      2. The road was packed with refugees.

    • 路上尽是逃难的人。

  • boutique [bu:'ti:k] 流行女装商店;精品店

  • Head to 朝某地走去

  • altar [‘ɔ:ltə] n.圣餐桌;供桌, 祭坛

  • outfit [‘autfit] n. 一套服装

  • ultramodern 英[ˌʌltrəˈmɔdən] adj. 超现代的

  • bargain ['bɑ:ɡin] vt. & vi.讨价还价; 商谈

Listening shopping
Listening : Shopping

  • A: Can I help you您买点什么?Can I help you, madam?B: Yes, can I see a few T-shirts, Please?我可以看一下体恤吗?A: Certainly. Here you are. They're the very latest fashion.当然,给您。这是最新款式。B: I'm not very particular about the design.我不太挑款式,But I want something of good quality.关键是质量。

  • A :They're of good cotton and the color never fades.他们都是上等棉布做的,而且还不褪色.

  • A : Anything I can do for you?您买点儿什么?B: Yes, I just forgot where the bed linens ['linin] department is.哦,我忘记了床上用品部在什么地方.(linen: 家庭日用织品)

  • A: It‘s on the third floor.在三层。

  • B: Thank you. 谢谢。

    You're welcome. 不用谢。

  • What size do you want ? 您要多大的?

  • A:I want a pair of sports shoes,Adidas.我想买双运动鞋,要阿迪达斯牌的.I wear size 40.我穿40号。

  • B:How about this one? It's the latest design.这种怎么样?是最新款式的。A:Oh,I like the color.哦,我喜欢这种颜色。

  • I need/want....我想买....A:May I help you,sir? 先生,您买什么?

  • B:I want a pair of locus.

  • A:Take a look at the ones on display, please.我想买一双劳克式旅游鞋.请看看样品吧.B:I need size 41. 我要41号的。

  • I‘m looking for...我要买......

    A: Good morming, sir,Can I help you?早晨好,先生。您买什么?B: I’m looking for a citizen for my wife‘s birthday我妻子过生日,我要买一块西铁城表送给她A: Oh,we have many kinds. Do you like this design?哦,我们有很多种,你喜欢这种样式吗?Oh, it’s beautiful.哟,很漂亮

  • please show me请拿.......给我看一看。

  • A: We have a great variety of men's suits, sir. one. 先生,男式西服我们有很多种。

  • Which particular brand do you prefer?你喜欢那种品牌。Pierre Cardin. 皮尔卡丹

  • A: How about this one?这件怎么样?B: It look fine. Can I try it on?看着不错,我可以试一试吗?

  • I‘d like..... one. 我想....A: I’d like to see a tea set,please? 我想看套茶具,好吗?B: How about the Japanese ones?这些日本茶具怎么样?A: They‘re OK, but I prefer chinese ones.不错,不过我更喜欢中国的。B: Oh, I see. I’ll show you some.哦,我知道了,我拿些给看一看。

  • I‘ll take..... one. 我要买......A:Do you really like this straw hat, dear?亲爱的,你真喜欢这种草帽吗?B: Yes,of course. I’ll take it.当然,我就买这种A: But it costs an arm and leg.可是太贵了

    B:I like it.我喜欢

  • Could you recommend some one. ....?您给推荐一些......好吗?A: I want some cosmetics. Could you recommend some?我想买些化妆品,推荐一些好吗?

  • B:I think Pond's is the best.我认为,旁式是最好的A: And they're very dear, too.可是很贵的呀!B: They're on special offer today.今天特价销售。

  • A: Oh, that's idea. one. 哦,这倒不错。how much.....多少钱?A: I like this shirt. How much is it?  $135.我喜欢这件衬衫,多少钱?135美元A: Wow, that's sheer robbery. Shall I make an offer?太贵了,可以讲价吗?B: I'm sorry, sir. The price is fixed.对不起,先生,不能讲价

  • Have you got....? one. 您有.....吗?A: Have you got any cheaper ones? 有便宜点儿的吗?B: Here are some. They're on special sale these days.有一些,现在特价销售。A: That's more reasonable. I'll take this one.这个价格倒是满公道,我就买这个

  • I want to see/get..... one. 我想看看/买.....

    A:I want to see some genuine chinese souvenirs.


    B:Here is the tricolor glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty.这儿有唐三彩

    A: How much is this set?  $230.这一套要多少钱? 230美元

  • I wish to order..... one. 我想订购......A: I wish to order 100 sets of hifi. Do you have this service?我要订购一百套高保真,你们有没有这项服务B: Sony or some other brands?索尼还是其他品牌?A:Sony please. Do you have extra charge for delivery?索尼。送货有附加费吗?B:No,it's free.没有,是免费的

  • I'm after...... one. 我在找.....A : I'm after some Chinese incense burner?

    B: How's this one?我在找一些中式香炉。这种怎么样?A: Oh, I need a small one, otherwise my luggage will be overweight.我要小的,不然我的行李就超重了.

  • A: What about shit one?

    B: Oh, this is fine.这种挺好的A: Let me look at....让我看看.....,好吗?

    Let me look at that suitcase, please.让我看看那个手提箱好吗?

  • B: one. The black one or the brown one?黑色的还是棕色的?A: The brown one, please.B: Here you are. 给

  • Are there any....?有.....吗?A: Are there any smaller ones?还有小一点儿的吗?B: Please try size 40. 请试试40号的吧。OK, this one fits me best.行,穿这个正好。B: You look fairly smart in this shirt.你穿这件衬衫帅极了