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Shopping. contents. Online shopping Traditional shopping Advantages and disadvantages Places of shopping Our views. Traditional shopping . Traditional shopping. Traditional shopping .

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  1. Shopping

  2. contents Online shopping Traditional shopping Advantages and disadvantages Places of shopping Our views

  3. Traditional shopping Traditional shopping

  4. Traditional shopping Traditional shopping is going to shop to buy something.For instance:buy clothes buy electric goods ,buy shoes and books,I think that girls love going shopping more than boys .

  5. Advantages touch the clothes try it know the quality of goods Disadvantages people may feel tired higher price waste time Traditional shopping

  6. supermarket

  7. supermarket has a variety of things, people can buy anything what he wants

  8. clothes shop

  9. xi an"s shop

  10. shopping center

  11. Online shopping

  12. online shopping with the development of the Internet and the popularizition of computer .shopping online become a commonplace of our life .online shopping means that people can buy anything on the Internet.they can buy anything at home ,in office .Online shopping has made our daily more convenient and comfortable.Today ,we can learn something about it

  13. Some website www.taobao.com www.jingdong.com www.dangdang.com www.paipai.com www.joyo.com

  14. Advantages • 1.convenient. Convenience includes the ease of finding a product, time spent on shopping, etc. • 2. variety The large range of goods can bedazzle(使目眩) you. You can hunt anything you like by shopping on the Internetlutions section

  15. Advantages • 3.Able to compare product price and features With the online tools that enable product comparison .Consumers can compare product price and features to make a better decision and get lower price with less effort , more details are included in solution section olutions section

  16. Disadvantages 1.Enjoyment of retail shopping lost Many people enjoy shopping with others and it is often a good way to make social connections. When shopping online, the enjoyment is lost 2. Privacy and security issues You may lose your private information during online shopping

  17. Disadvatages • 3. Too many choices Although having access to a very large number of products is highly desirable, consumers have limited cognitive resources and may simply be unable to process the potentially vast amounts ofinformation about these alternatives

  18. we can buy daily goods on the Internet,we also can buy the electric commodity online.

  19. we should be careful when we input the secret code of the credit,in case be cheated. so we should buy things on the formal website.

  20. Our views Although online shopping is so convenient and comfortable ,we should weigh the strongness and weakness .Thus ,we can have a better and more security life that use of the online shopping. Our views

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