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Shopping. Nom: Rocio Fernandez Angles. I live in Sant Miquel de F luvià. There are a lot of shops in my village. I go shopping to Lidle . I buy food . I go to buy with my mom and dad . I buy for 1 month. Photos :. Mariví :.

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  1. Shopping Nom: RocioFernandez Angles.

  2. I live in Sant Miquel de Fluvià.Therearea lot of shops in myvillage.

  3. IgoshoppingtoLidle. • I buyfood. • I go to buywithmy mom and dad. • I buyfor 1 month.

  4. Photos:

  5. Mariví: • I goshopping to Marivíeveryday. It is a sop. It is behindmyhouse. On SaturdaysMariví is closed and i go to thebucher`s it’scalledAssumpcio.

  6. Assumpcio: • I goshopping to Assumpcio on SundaysbecauseMariví is closed. I goalone. I buy meat butalso,milktomatoes,icecream and vegetables..

  7. Pharmacy: • I goshopping to thepharmacywhen i needit .I goalone or withmymom.Ibuy medicines.

  8. Pharmacy:

  9. Restaurant Montseny: • In myvillagethere is a bar-restaurant. • It’scalled Montseny. • I gotherewithmycousinwhenshe goes to herparent’shouse. Youcaneatgoodfood.

  10. Bar-Restaurant:

  11. Bar:Juan • In myvillagethere is a bar. • Itscalled BAR JUAN. • I don’tgotherebecause i d’ontlike it. Thereare a lot of men.

  12. Bar juan

  13. FIII!! • RocioFernandez • 2 eso E • Angles • Photos are not the real. • Thangss!

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