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Shopping. Inglês 7º ano. 1. What can you buy in a bakery ?. Meat Clothes Bread Computers. 2. Someone who buys at a shop is a…. … customer . … shop assistant . … person . … seller . 3. Where do you buy books ?. At a library . In a bookshop . At the chemist’s .

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  1. Shopping Inglês 7º ano

  2. 1. What can youbuy in a bakery? • Meat • Clothes • Bread • Computers

  3. 2. Someonewhobuysat a shopis a… • …customer. • … shopassistant. • … person. • … seller.

  4. 3. Where do youbuybooks? • At a library. • In a bookshop. • Atthechemist’s. • Atthegrocer’s.

  5. 4. Where can youbuy a CD? • Fishmonger’s • Chemist´s • Flowershop • Record shop

  6. Match theitemswiththeshop: bread Fishmonger’s Baker’s meat fish Grocer’s newspaper Butcher’s Newsagent’s vegetables

  7. . You can buy a pairofbootsatthegrocer’s. • True • False

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