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Politics . Aristotle. Political Partnerships. Could also be called associations Begin with Husband and Wife Then Family Then extended family or tribe Then village Then City. Polis.

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political partnerships
Political Partnerships
  • Could also be called associations
  • Begin with Husband and Wife
  • Then Family
  • Then extended family or tribe
  • Then village
  • Then City
  • The partnership that arises from several villages that is complete is the city. It reaches the level of self-sufficiency so to speak; and while coming into being for the sake of living, it exists for the sake of living well.
  • “That the city is both by nature and prior to each individual, then, is clear. For the individual when separated from it is not self-sufficient, he will be in a condition similar to other parts in relation to the whole. One who is incapable of participating or who is in need of nothing through being self-sufficient is no part of a city, and so is either a beast or a God.
why not plato s republic
Why not Plato’s Republic
  • Having property in common will lead to resentment and jealousy.
  • Liberality is a virtue and one can’t share what one does not own.
  • Plato drives the concept of unity beyond the mean into excess.
  • Socrates ideal government has too little equality of rule.
  • Common children and women will result in less affection, not more.
what makes a government good or bad
What makes a government Good or bad.
  • Government that rule for the advantage of man or men are bad.
  • Governments that rule the sake of law (including natural law) are good.
bad governments
Bad Governments
  • Tyranny (Fear and Appetite Rule)
  • Oligarchy (Love of money Rules)
  • Democracy (Equality Rules)
good governments
Good Governments
  • Monarchy (rule of law, one more virtuous than all)
  • Aristocracy (rule of law, few more virtuous than all)
  • Polity (a mixture of government were factions are balanced, the ruling principles of the individuals depends on the particular mix)
  • Best polity is a mixture of oligarchy and democracy tempered with aristocracy. In this government the factions will check each other. This is especially true if you have a strong middle class to balance the factions (this is the golden mean).
  • “Most ancient tyrannies arose from popular leaders.”
  • “Whenever offices are chosen by election, and this is not d0ne on the basis of assessments, and the people elect, those seeking office establish the people as having authority even over the laws in order to make themselves popular. A remedy so that this will not occur, or will occur less, is to have tribes vote for officials, not the entire people.
  • General education is best, not specialization.
  • Exercise and and sports are good, but not if taken too far.
  • Music and art are good, but not professional expertise. Music should be chosen to improve morals.
  • Moral education comes before academic education.
  • Leisure is for school, play is for rest, neither is for its own sake.