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The beginning

The beginning

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The beginning

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  1. The beginning • During recent years ITTF has  become increasingly involved in “humanitarian projects” under the banner “Breaking Down Barriers with Table Tennis Balls”. • These projects have been funded on a case by case basis and have included: • ISHRAQ-Girls program in rural Egypt • Afghanistan Project • Tsunami Rebuilding” Project • East Timor Project • National Projects in Uganda, Congo DR, Peru, Jamaica, Balkans, Ukraine, Kosova, Solomon Islands, Kenya, Iraq • Hurricane assistance[Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica]

  2. The Evolution New model for 2009-12 Based on main partnerships with global actors and sponsors and then locally with NGOs and national table tennis associations for each project

  3. The Evolution The current Global Partners • Peace and Sport - Based in Monaco delivering programs globally under the patronage of the HRH Prince Albert • International Paralympic Committee– Based in Bonn, it is the umbrella of sport organizations for people with a disability and supervisors of the Paralympic Games • Foundation for Global Sports Development– Based in USA, GSD supports programs financially that promote sportsmanship, education, fair play and ethics among the world's youth

  4. New model for 2009-12 (examples)

  5. New model for 2009-12

  6. Peace and Sport 2009 • “Ping Pong Paz” project in Colombia already launched in 2009 and ongoing 2010 • “Ping Pong Ba Dame” project in East Timor launched in 2010 and ongoing

  7. Peace and Sport 2011 • “Ping Pong Paix” project in 2 villages of Burundi and 2 of Congo DR, launched in December 2011 and ongoing • 1 girl+1 boy from each village will travel to the ITTF World Championships next March in Dortmund, Germany and take part of a socio-cultural side event with German children and families.

  8. Peace and Sport • Butterfly is the sponsor of the “Peace through Ping Pong” projects providing tables, shirts, rackets and balls for each new project.

  9. Champions for Peace A group of elite sportist gathered by Peace & Sport to get involved Among them: Sergei Bubka – Dick Fosbury – Cathy Freeman Christian Karembeu – Helena Sukova - etc Peter Karlsson – former Table Tennis World Champion joinedthemand was involved in programs in Colombiaand East Timor

  10. Peace through Table Tennis Ping Pong Diplomacy (1971) • In 1971, while in Japan for the 31st ITTF World Table Tennis Championship, the United States National Table Tennis Team was invited to China by Chinese Premier Chou En-lai for an all-expense paid visit. Right after, the U.S. team became the first group of Americans to visit China since 1949 and played against the Chinese team in exhibitions. • In 1972, the United States issued a reciprocal invitation to the Chinese and Richard Nixon (U.S.A. President), visited China. It was called the “Ping Pong Diplomacy”

  11. Peace through Table Tennis Ping Pong Diplomacy 2.0 (2011) • Last year, the ITTF in partnership with Peace and Sport, the Olympic Committee and Table Tennis Association from Qatar, organised the “Peace and Sport Cup”. • The event used the power and core values of sport as a driving force to promote peace and unity.  • Competition was by mixed pairs such as North and South Korea, USA-Russia, India-Pakistan and others • A delegation of all players visited a school for an educational program for children. 2011

  12. Ethiopia– SPAT Program • In 2010, ITTF made an agreementwiththeDutch NGO DIRES. • An ITTF expert trained 20 Ethiopianswith a disabilitytobecomecoachesas a profession • An equipmentpackage was senttothem. • They are working in schools through an agreement with the government

  13. International Paralympic Committee 2011 • The IPC started a new approach for development based in regional workshops with the aim to train and motivate young athletes, coaches, youth coordinators and officials. • The pilot program was held in 2011 in El Salvador, delegations from Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala were also invited. • More than 40 athletes, 23 Coaches and 10 officials attended.

  14. International Paralympic Committee • The menu was composed by 6 sports: Wheelchair Basketball, Athletics, Judo, Goalball, Wheelchair Tennis and Table Tennis. • ITTF sent an expert and delivered a coaching course and a training camp with the cooperation of the El Salvador NF. • The intention is to continue with this partnership in different regions.

  15. Haiti – Post earthquake actions • Significant cash and “in kind” equipment donations were raised through a special appeal to assist in Haiti post-earthquake. • First course and equipment package was delivered in November, 2010. An ITTF expert visited Haiti for 5 weeks in 2011 and delivered 6 different courses, advised the local federation and prepared with them a development plan for the schools. • Next visit is in March and aims will be the countryside and the refugees on tent cities. 2011

  16. United Nations - High Commisioner for Refugees • A training camp was organised at the “Al Kharaz” Refugee Camp in Yemen • There are more than 10,000 refugees living there mainly from Somalia and some from Ethiopia • UNHCR estimates the average length of refugee´s stay in a camp between 10 and 20 years

  17. United Nations – Office Sport for Development and Peace • A pilot Camp for Youth leaders was held in January 2012 in Qatar. ITTF was present among other sport organizations • 29 NGO´s young leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa and Palestine attended for a 11 days camp to learn about sport for development • It is supposed to continue with more camps in the future

  18. United Nations – Office Sport for Development and Peace ITTF Dream Building with UNOSDP • The program ITTF Dream Building with UNOSDP started this year. • Those participants willing to implement a table tennis program receive an equipment package • It is desired to link them to attend coaching courses in their respective countries. We need the cooperation of the National Federations • Participants of the first camp were from: South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ghana, Burundi, Tanzania, Namibia and the Palestinian Territory

  19. Nittaku Dream Building – in El Salvador • Program for children in risk of gang´s involvement, launched in 11 venues in the countryside of El Salvador • Partnership with the NF and Sports´ Ministry. • 2 coaches from each centre were trained to provide weekly classes. • They work on one value or topic each month • Annual festival where all children meets and play. 2011

  20. Awards The ITTF received in late 2009 the Peace and Sport Award at the forum held in Monaco as Best International Sport Federation in thefieldof Sport for Development. The ITTF was also Short listed candidate for the 2011 Beyond Sport Awards in thecategory: - SPORT FEDERATION OF THE YEAR Atthe „Sport Movies and TV“ festival in Milano, the Film „Ishraq“ about a genderequityprogram in rural Egypt wonthe „People´saward“ whilethefilmsoftheprojects „Ping Pong Paz“ in Colombiaand „Ping Pong Ba Dame“ in East Timor wereshortlistedandexhibited.

  21. Challenges • Strengthen even more the links with the Global partners • Monitor and support the current programs by showing them the pathway for self sustainability • Start new projects tailored according to the situation and actors characteristics • Encourage the Continental and National Associations to develop their own “Table Tennis for Development” programs!

  22. Goodwill Fund & Development Program Sponsors THANKS!

  23. THANKS!