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The Beginning…

The Beginning…

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The Beginning…

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  1. The Beginning… • Mescalero Apache Telecom Inc. (MATI) is a telecommunications utility (telephone company), operating as a local exchange carrier within the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation, opened for service on March 27, 2001. MATI is a Mescalero Apache Tribal Corporation organized under Section 17 of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. The Tribe owns one-hundred percent of the corporation.

  2. The Staff.. • MATI’s first employees to open and operate the company. Left to right: Melanie O’Reilly, Accounting Supervisor; Sharon Saenz, Customer Service Supervisor; Gary Goff, OSP/CO Supervisor; Jaime Flores, Operations Manager; and Godfrey Enjady, General Manager.

  3. MATI Present Day Staff Front Row: Godfrey Enjady, Jim Wilcox, Stephanie Bigas, Marlene Pellman, Tasia Tsinnijinnie. Second Row: Clar Eyelash, Rachel Smith, Rayleen Comanche, Lucy Candelaria. Third Row: JV Cadena, Sharon Saenz, Mike Morris, Melanie O’Reilly, Glenda Brusuelas, Steve Lee, Bernice Salas. Fourth Row: Chris Enjady, Gary Sims, Phil Genest, Gary Goff, Jim Rankin, Phil Koreny, Keith Abbott, Jacqueline Stefani, Jaime Flores.

  4. MATI 2002 Conference Mescalero Apache Telecom Inc., held its first Telecommunications Conference on October 14-16, 2002 at the Mescalero Inn in Mescalero, New Mexico. MATI staff members and vendors who assisted in MATI’s development shared their information with other tribes and delegates present. More than 30 people attended MATI’s first conference. MATI is dedicated to help other Tribes purchase and develop a tribally owned and operated telecommunications company and expand their services to include internet, conference calls, lower rates and more. Through the dedicated efforts of the MATI staff, MATI has become known as one of the leaders in Indian Country.

  5. MATI 2003 Conference MATI’s 2003 Conference included four training sessions which were conducted by MATI employees and consultants who shared information that was educational and informative. Areas of training included the Central Office, Business Office, IS Office and Outside Plant. Approximately 69 individuals and 16 Vendors were present making this conference larger than the one held in 2002. A June 2004 Conference has been scheduled.

  6. MATI Recognitions April 30, 2002 – The first residential broadband service was launched for the Mescalero Apache Reservation. February 21, 2003 – MATI is honored as the Tribal Enterprise of the Year for all Indian Country.

  7. MATI Telephone Services • MATI service area includes all of the Mescalero Apache Reservation, as well as parts of the Ruidoso and Alto Exchanges that are within the reservation boundaries, and the U.S. Forest Service exchange that serves Ski Apache. • MATI offers Local and Long Distance Telephone Service. • MATI offers Federal and State Lifeline credit on monthly bills for families receiving benefits from qualifying programs. • MATI offers community share information services with complimentary Wednesday Coffee and Donuts for individuals who want to learn about services provided. One-on-one sessions inform our members how to use MATI services.

  8. MATI Residential Local Service • Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc. offers two (2) types of affordable residential local service: Unlimited local and Local measured. • Lifeline/Link-Up Program is available for tribal members who qualify to help reduce monthly local service. • Programs that qualify are: • BIA General Assistance National School Lunch Program (free meals) • Food Stamps SSI • LIHEAP Medicaid • Federal Public Housing Assistance or Section 8 • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families • Head Start Programs (only those meeting its income quality standard)

  9. MATI Business Solutions • Offers planning, designing, supplying, installing and maintaining systems. • Key Telephone Systems include Norstar, Bizfon, Comdial an Toshiba • PBX Communications Systems include Mitel and Nortel. • Services are: • Quality Products • Battery Backup/Surge Protectors • New/Refurbished Equipment • Monthly Maintenance Agreements • Call Accounting/Voicemail/Automated Attendants/Paging • Time/Material Maintenance Agreements

  10. MATI Long Distance Services • MATI Long Distance offers four simple plans with the same low day and night rate. Unlike other long distance companies, MATI only bills for the time-used, not round-off to the next minute. • Residential Plans available are: • Premium Gold Plan • Premium Silver Plan • Econo Plan • Mega Plan

  11. MATI Dial-Up and ADSL The Mescalero Apache Reservation has access to both Dial-Up and ADSL Internet connections. There are three types of internet levels: 256K, 768 K and 1.5 Mg.

  12. MATI Sponsorships MATI proudly sponsors community events and the development of our children.

  13. MATI Visions With the dedication and combined 100 years expertise of the MATI staff, the Mescalero Apache Reservation will move forward in this age of technology. With the assistance from MATI, other tribes throughout the U.S.A. will gain tribal independence through technology.

  14. MATI Looks Forward MATI is one of the recognized tribal entities that supports advance technology. MATI encourages our children to learn through education so they may move ahead with tomorrow. Education scholarships inspire our children to do the best that they can and to learn the areas of technology.

  15. MATI Small enough to care, Large enough to provide the service you deserve.

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  19. Inc. (MATI)