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The Beginning

The Beginning

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The Beginning

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  1. The Beginning In the beginning Rammstein was made up of three members. Led by lead guitarist Richard Krupse, who left his band Orgasm Death Gimmicks to purse what is now known as Rammstein. He started it with his two roommates Christoph Schneider and Oliver Riedal. After hearing the incredible voice of Till Lindermann from the band First Arsch, he soon persueded him to join his project. The four of them entered a contest under the name Rammstein and won the prize, which was their first album “Herzeleid”. After winning the contest Richard added Paul Landers and Christian Lorenz from the band “Felling B”. They were the final two members and have been making music together ever since. Today they are considered part of the German Neue Deutsche Harte scene, however Richard started the band to get away from this, he wanted to start something new and fresh. He wanted something that had two hardcore guitars, crazy props, and of course FIRE!

  2. ~Bringing the Fire~ The same year they recorded Herzeleid, they went on the “Aus Live Berlin” tour which traveled from Germany through Eastern Europe.

  3. ~Going Hollywood~ Less than 2 years later, Rammstein was approached from Trent Reznor of Nine inch nails. He was producing the soundtrack for “lost highway” which included songs from mariylnmanson, NIN, smashing pumpkins and of course rammstien. The following year rammstien was asked to be put onto another soundtrack, this time it was for “Mortal kombat: Annihilation”. They played one of their top selling songs “engel”.

  4. The head liner of the tour was korn, along with Incubus, orgy and ice cube. They were all very popular artists at the time, so when the live CD released, every rocking American was listening to Rammstein’s song “Du Hast”. ~Family Values Tour 98’~ Although Rammstein had a fan base in America, it wasn’t until the “family values tour” that they became very famous in the u.s.a. They got this opportunity by replacing Rob Zombie.

  5. ~Awards~ They have an unprecedented list of 18 awards ranging from “best german artist” at the MTV EMA’s to Best album, song and video from the MetalHammer awards. They have been nominated for “best metal Performance” at the Annual Grammys twice, and was nominated for best rock song at MTV’s EMA’s!

  6. ~Albums~ 1994-Rammstein [studio demo for contest]1995-Herzeleid [Double Platinum]1997-Sehnsucht [Double Platinum]2001-Mutter [double platinum]2004-Reise, Reise [platinum]2005-Rosenrot [Platinum] [Gold]2009-Liebe Ist Fur AlleDa #1 in German, Austria, Swiss, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Slovenian and European album charts.

  7. Paul Landers-Guitar Oliver Riedel-Bass Christoph Schneider-Drums Till Lindermann-Vocals Christian lorenz-Keyboards Richard Krupse-Lead Guitar From left to right: ~Band Members~

  8. ~where they are now~ Rammstein is still together and still producing awarding winning, top selling music. Richard Krupse has started another project called “Emigrate”, which he is vocals and lead guitar. His band members includes Henka Johansson on drums, Olsen Involtni on rhythm guitar, and Arnaud Girourx on bass. Rammstein in Concert 2011 Richard’s Krupse’s side project logo

  9. ~Credits~ Google photos Special Thanks: Camtasia Studio Power Point Rammstein Concert Facebook.rammstein