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Marketing Plan. Part II . Customer, Conditions, & Competitor Analysis . Image. Replay aims to be seen as a boutique retail store for the frugal and green conscience family consumer. Target Market. Families, specifically moms, with young children. Pregnant women. Frugal shoppers.

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Marketing plan

Marketing Plan

Part II. Customer, Conditions, & Competitor Analysis


Replay aims to be seen as a boutique retail store for the frugal and green conscience family consumer

Target market
Target Market

  • Families, specifically moms, with young children

  • Pregnant women

  • Frugalshoppers

  • Corvallisresidents

Why replay
Why Replay?

  • High Quality Products

  • Name Brands

  • Economic Benefit

  • Recycling

  • Family Centered

Product breakdown
Product Breakdown

* Main focus is children’s clothes which account for

70% of inventory and sales

* 20% of inventory is

maternity clothes, but

these are harder to sell

- women are pickier

- no suitable dressing


* Kid’s furniture, toys, and books is

remaining 10%, but space is an issue

Informational sources
Informational Sources

Pregnancy Classes



School Circles

Parenting Classes





Demographic conditions
Demographic Conditions


* Average family size: 2.91 members

* 5% of the pop under 5 years of age

* 27% of households have children under 18

* 4.6% are single moms w/ children under 18

* 41.2% of households earned $50,000/yr or less

* 27.3% earned $35,000yr or less

* It is estimated that 11% of households

in Corvallis fit in Replay’s target market

Economic conditions
Economic Conditions

* Recession provides opportunity for secondhand store

* Families are looking to

enact cost saving

measures, especially on

kids’ clothes which can

be seen as short-term


* Families can also make money consigning clothes, which encourages repeat visits

Social conditions
Social Conditions

* Social stigma of


  • Especially detrimental for

  • children’s clothing since it’s

  • so often given as gifts

* Inventory must stay current and be

“in season” or it may be considered


Regulatory conditions
Regulatory Conditions

* Clothes and toys must comply

with Federal and State regulations

* Replay is connected with website

that gives email updates on

recalled products

* is comprehensive

site for product safety

Technological conditions
Technological Conditions

* As technology improves, so does the opportunity

for marketing and networking

- e.g. social networking is becoming a popular

way for families to share pictures of kids

* Computerizes inventory system

makes tracking consignments

easier (but only once products are

in the system)

Supplier vs buyer power
Supplier vs. Buyer Power

* As a buyer, Replay holds

most of the power

- decide which products

to accept

- sets prices

* As suppliers, consignees

have limited donations

and compete with other donators


* Goodwill, other secondhand stores

* Target, Fred Meyer, and department retail stores

* Online venues such as Craigslist

* Mother Goose and Jack & Jill’s – both in Albany


* However, Replay doesn’t see any of these places as true competition:

- Goodwill is too unorganized and lesser quality

- Retail stores offer new clothes which are not direct substitutes

- Replay doesn’t have enough online presence to be competitive

  • Albany stores, like Replay, are too small to worry about being

  • rivals. Instead they help each other out:

  •  e.g. Mother Goose and Replay coordinate on trying to

  • solve inventory intake problems