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marketing plan

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marketing plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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marketing plan. Group members: Zoe , Joyce , Candy, Kandy Hestia, Valentina, Ivy, Sane,. Swift ( 斯威夫特有限合伙企业 ). ◆Basic form : limited partnership. ◆ Main product: washing machine. target market. promotion. product. distribution. price.

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marketing plan

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    1. marketing plan Group members: Zoe,Joyce,Candy, Kandy Hestia, Valentina, Ivy, Sane,

    2. Swift (斯威夫特有限合伙企业) • ◆Basic form: • limited partnership ◆ Main product: washing machine

    3. target market promotion product distribution price

    4. family :Full-time housewife& Working women Single and busy working: Men & women Target market Product characteristics full-automatic , time /water/electricity saving, Multi-division( an innovative one) product

    5. Men & women Capacity: 3kg Size: 370×400×600mm Process: 15min Full-time housewife &Working women Capacity: 7kg Size: 760*430*910mm Process: 20min Single and busy working family

    6. pricingstrategy penetration strategy Since our target customers are sensitive to price changes due to family budget and income concern, the price of the products should not charge too high and should remain reasonable. We can use penetration strategy to attract customers.

    7. how to set the prices? sales-oriented objectives —— the family set will be 2500 yuan, —— the single set will be 2000yuan.

    8. add value nonprice strategy educate customers establish relationships

    9. promotion • Advertising • Personal selling • Sales promotion • Word of mouth

    10. Advertising • Newspaper • Television ads • Direct mail • Ads on the Internet • Outdoor ads • Transportation ads • Specialty ads

    11. newspaper newspaper is a good way to advertise as they are low in cost and can be prepared and placed within minimum time

    12. TVads Pro: ★ reach a vast captive audience ★ effective vs Con ●costly ●time limit Present only 10 seconds’ advertisement Avoid presenting at prime time(黄金时段)

    13. swift direct mail ——letters, fliers and catalogues Personalized Effective to reach targeted people pro con Be regarded as junk mail and throw away Print more useful information on the materials that can avoid being a junk mail

    14. ads on the Internet Pro: ◇Low cost ◇Can be viewed and modified at any time Set up an official website of SWIFT Form a BBS forum for the customers or potential customers Make full use of some communicative intermediaries

    15. SWIFT 斯威夫特 洗衣机 outdoor ads ——billboards, posters and electric displays… Set up billboards beside the street Print out some posters to paste on the wall or building if it’s legal

    16. transportation ads Contact with a transportation media company to play our advertising video on the screen in the railway station or post them on bus sides even the back of the seats.

    17. Specialty ads Print the name of our product on some commodities such as T-shirts, hats, cups, umbrellas, calendar , shopping bags.

    18. Why ? To establish brand awareness among our target audience. The advantage of specialty ads: 1、covering a wide range 2、mobility 3、improving corporate image

    19. Personal selling Find out prospective customers Approach the prospective customers

    20. Handle the objections from the customers Make a presentation to our prospect Follow-up

    21. Sales promotion • Point-of-sale displays Lotteries and sweepstakes • Coupons • Premiums • bulk buying

    22. Point-of-saledisplaysLotteries andsweepstakes • Compare Swift with other brands of • washing machines in the spot at the • opening day ( time saving, water saving, • electricity saving, etc.) • hold the prize-winning quiz • winners canhave an opportunity to enter • the lucky draw. • (prizes: coupons, souvenir, ect.)

    23. Coupons Usually distribute through media, giving discount to customer.

    24. premiums • Get free washing bags, umbrellas • with Swift printed on it.

    25. bulkbuying If you buy 5 units with your friends together, you will enjoy discount of 30% per one

    26. Wordofmouth • tell your friends , • if you like it • Viral marketing

    27. Direct channel • Two level • channels Channels of distribution distribution Physical distribution Modesof transportation: truck

    28. Direct channel • Avoid dealer markups • Avoids the higher inventory • costs • Allows our Company to maintain, • monitor, and update a customer • database • Allows our Company to rapidly • and efficiently deliver relevant • technology to our customers.

    29. twolevelchannels wholesalers drop shippers store retailing: department stores nonstore retailing: virtual stores retailers agent and brokers

    30. drop shippers With drop shippers, the customer orders can be tranfered to the our Manufacture company or wholesalers, then they can ship the swift washing machine directly to the customers.

    31. store retailing:department stores Put the swift washing machine in the roof of electrical product. Compared with other product, it can show its better quality, lower price, energy conservation and Functional Superiority

    32. Nonstore retailing:Virtual stores open a virtual store on the Internet, so that the consumer can find it on the Intenet. after the consumer finish a order, our store will send it to the consumer.

    33. agents and brokers a sales agent is responsible for all our swift washing machine a broker find a buyer for the swift washing machine, After clinching a deal, the goods by swift company direct shipment to buyer

    34. Transportationmode customers • Truck • To wholesalers retailers Move the washing machines quickly and go wherever there are roads

    35. thank you