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UHL 2332

UHL 2332. ACADEMIC REPORT WRITING. Financial Literacy Among UMP Students. Ting Yien Fang PA10032 Lau Siew King CD 10019 Mohd . Wafiey bin Ab. Hamid CD10082. Lecturer: Dr. Zailin Shah Binti Yusoff. Background. Financial Literacy: vitally important (Darling, 2011).

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UHL 2332

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  1. UHL 2332 ACADEMIC REPORT WRITING Financial Literacy Among UMP Students • Ting Yien Fang PA10032 • Lau Siew King CD 10019 • Mohd. Wafiey bin Ab. Hamid CD10082 Lecturer: Dr. Zailin Shah BintiYusoff

  2. Background • Financial Literacy: • vitally important (Darling, 2011). • Bronfenbrenner’s (1997) ecological system theory explained that changes in financial socialization will affect everyone financial behaviors in society (McKenzie, 2009). • having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions (Jim Yih). • the ability of understanding the finance. • ability of understanding the skills and knowledge of managing finance which will then aid in making effective decisions.

  3. Problem Statement • Financial management skills • Financial management education • Gender

  4. Purpose of Research • To investigate the financial literacy among University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) students. • Factors affecting financial literacy - financial management skills - financial management education - gender

  5. Research Objective • To investigate the financial literacy among University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) students.

  6. Research Questions • 1. Do UMP students understand financial literacy? • 2. How do the financial management skills affect the students? • 3. Do female students have higher financial literacy level than male students?

  7. Significance of study • Provide useful information to students, counselors, and lecturers • Actions can be taken by the students to enhance their financial management knowledge • Financial management education can be organized to help the students to increase their understanding on financial management skill

  8. Scope of Study • Focus on different faculties of UMP students • Conducted on Week 9 and Week 10 (9-22 April 2012) • Respondents involved (Randomly selected from 1st year to 4th year students) • 60 respondents randomly chosen from different faculties • Each gender will have 30respondents respectively

  9. Methodology • Questionnaire • Data Analysis

  10. Literature Review • Cude. B. J., Lawrence. F. C., Lyons. A. C., Metzger. K., LeJune. E., Marks. L., … (2006). College students and financial literacy: What they know and what we need to learn. This article provides more understanding on college students overall financial management practices. • Leila Falahati, LailyPaim, Maimunah Ismail, SharifahAzizahHaron and JariahMasud. (2011). Assessment of university students’ financial management skills and education needs, 5(15). This article study on the financial management skills among Malaysian university students. • Leila Falahati & LailyHj. Paim. Perceived causes of financial problem among Malaysian male students. This article shows how financial socialization, financial knowledge, financial attitude, and financial behaviors will affect the financial problems among male students.

  11. Division of Workload

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